DN*DEA (05:06 PM) :
lets just commence then, k?

Múrd (05:06 PM) :
go for it. *unzips*

DN*DEA (05:07 PM) :
Hello Murd, can you please introduce yourself to the public

Múrd (05:10 PM) :
I’m sure i can 🙂 My name is Wayne, i am 24 years old and i’m from Cardiff. Which is in Wales, UK.

DN*DEA (05:11 PM) :
And you play online games for DEA, how exactly did you start out playing games on the internet?

Múrd (05:15 PM) :
Well many years ago i started to play online with my lovely black compaq presario 133mhz. Started out playing games like quake and half life online. Those were my first real attempts at online gaming for me. Hell, i even had a cs period. But then i had 56k, so it wasn’t very good. Talk about screen lag with all those frags in quake :-). But online gaming is something i enjoyed finding. Made a lot of friends over the years.

DN*DEA (05:16 PM) :
And as for DF series, when did you get into that?

Múrd (05:18 PM) :
that came around 1999. I started out playing Delta Force Land Warrior. I can’t even remember where i got that game from. If i’m right i downloaded the demo from nova website and liked it so i bought the game. I was playing on public for a while,. got pretty hooked on the game, until i was asked to join my first squad which was UKA.

DN*DEA (05:19 PM) :
5 years of LW, don’t you get tired of it?

Múrd (05:22 PM) :
Not at all ! You know.. dflw was my first game i ever really loved. I’ve never known a game like it. The community has recently gone quiet, and many squads have moved on to other games in the df series. In it’s time, DFLW was the most successful game that nova have ever created in my opinion. Very addictive. Some say just move on, but there is no game that can match or compare to dflw. It’s a very unique game in it’s gameplay. It’s a big shame that nova failed to support it more, anti cheats, more maps maybe?. Hell.. shame really. But who knows.. i might move on yet 🙂

DN*DEA (05:24 PM) :
In all these years what would be the most rememberal match you played?

Múrd (05:25 PM) :
it has to be a match that was playing for Force Unopposed vs TNT (the newbies squad) from USA. It was a tournament match and went on for like 6, 7 maps for Team Deathmatch. In the end i think they won but the match was very intense. Also had some really good matches playing against DEA when i was with Force Unopposed. Usually CTF or FB 🙂
DN*DEA (05:27 PM) :
Allright, moving from gaming to real life

What do you do for living?

Múrd (05:29 PM) :
I work for a french logistics solutions provider called Norbert Dentressangle. Working on a 3rd party site, i am responsible for the provision of data reporting, analysis and daily maintenance of the stock control systems. We run RF (radio frequency) barcode scanners for real-time stock control in a busy warehousing environment. It’s a decent job, but the hours are hell at the moment.

DN*DEA (05:30 PM) :
how long you been working there?

Múrd (05:31 PM) :
Well i was working with our current customer for 7 years. I only recently got the job with the french company – started with them Jan 2004.

DN*DEA (05:32 PM) :
Apart from your work and online gaming, what else keeps you busy?

Múrd (05:35 PM) :
When i have time outside work (very busy schedule atm) i like to take time to go away with my friends or my girlfriend. Just weekends away if we can, to chill out. Get away from the stresses of working life. I also build pc’s in my spare time, and help people with upgrades, etc. When i’m not doing that, i like to hump my gf and when she’s got the painters in i just get on kazaa.

DN*DEA (05:38 PM) :
lol k

You are the only DEA member from Wales i think. If you had to convince me into moving to Wales, what would you say to concince me?

Múrd (05:41 PM) :
Well our nightlife is VERY good. Especially where i live, Cardiff. I’ve not sampled much else of Wales in terms of nightlife but i know even people who have come from other big cities in UK have commented how great our nightlife is :-). Lots of students gagging for it and everybody off their face. If you didn’t like to go out and party then i wouldn’t want to convince you to move here. Our broadband is crap, everything is very expensive and the people up north Wales actually DO shag sheep. Avoid Wales like the plague 😉

DN*DEA (05:43 PM) :
🙂 We’ll go on with some fast questions

Movies or Disco? (or club, whatever you call it in Wales)

Múrd (05:43 PM) :
Movies (i can’t dance to save my life unless i have some major alcohol consumption!)

DN*DEA (05:43 PM) :
Should soft drugs be legal?

Múrd (05:44 PM) :
I think so. Just look at the what it’s done in NL. Controlled, how it should be. Not underground.

DN*DEA (05:44 PM) :
Are you the same person on the internet as you are in real life?

Múrd (05:46 PM) :
Absolutely not. IRL i’m totally shy. Quite the alter ego.. People who have met me irl from the net have commented how different i really am. That’s the problem with the net. You can create an alternative personality – much different to your real self. Let’s just say i’m shy 🙂 But i open up as people get to know me.

DN*DEA (05:46 PM) :
Should America be in Iraq?

Múrd (05:47 PM) :
No. In my personal opinion they invaded Iraq with no legal grounds, against the wishes of the UN and many other countries. And all because they want to show other countries they ‘mean business’ after Sept 11th..

DN*DEA (05:48 PM) :
Whats the story behind your nickname?

Múrd (05:50 PM) :
hehe i was wondering when that would come up :-). Well unlike some people who i know.. they have like 10-15 aliases or former nicknames throughout their online gaming ‘career’. But me, i’ve always been called Murd. It’s actually short for murderer. I got that name because when i first started playing dflw all those years ago.. i used to murder people on my team. Found it so satisfying as a complete noob kill my team-mates. Ahh.. the memories 🙂

Múrd (05:50 PM) :
Since then the name has stuck.

Múrd (05:51 PM) :
But i dont do that murdering any more :p

DN*DEA (05:51 PM) :
lol 🙂

DN*DEA (05:51 PM) :
Fastfood or exclusive dinner?

Múrd (05:52 PM) :
I’m all for fast food. Don’t have the cash for exclusive dinners 🙂

Múrd (05:52 PM) :
My idea of exclusive dinner is McDonalds meal with a knife and fork.

DN*DEA (05:53 PM) :

What kind of music are you into?

Múrd (05:55 PM) :
It’s very varied. I enjoy all types of music and don’t have a preference. From soft rock, some pop, hard dance, house, classical, rap, i enjoy it all. Depends on my mood. The only music i don’t really like is heavy metal, t hat shit that touch and morax are into i think. That just gives me a headache.

DN*DEA (05:56 PM) :
Are you a religious person?

Múrd (05:57 PM) :
Let’s just say i believe that when we die, we go somewhere else. I do believe in god, but i don’t go to church to practice that belief.
DN*DEA (05:58 PM) :

Is there anything you would like to add to this interview?

Múrd (06:00 PM) :
Yes. i would like to thank my mom, my sisters, and my record producer danny. They supported me through this and i’d like to thank them from the bottom of my heart. Without them i couldn’t have done this. God bless them. And i’d like to thank my friends Mark, Kate and Joanne. They listened to me and pulled me through when i needed them most. God bless em’.

Múrd (06:01 PM) :
Anti depressants are cool

Múrd (06:02 PM) :

DN*DEA (06:02 PM) :
Thank you for this interview Murd 🙂