DN*DEA (01:16 AM) :
i could interview you now

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (01:16 AM) :
okay if you wanna 🙂

DN*DEA (01:17 AM) :
lets do it, you’ve got time?

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (01:17 AM) :
yup, you? i dont wanna keep you up when you wanna go to sleep 🙂

DN*DEA (01:18 AM) :
well nevermind sleep

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (01:18 AM) :

DN*DEA (01:18 AM) :
okey lets see.

DN*DEA (01:18 AM) :
we start now.

DN*DEA (01:19 AM) :
hello marauder, we all know you as marauder, but what is your real name?

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (01:19 AM) :
Pat or Patrick w/e ppl wanna call me

DN*DEA (01:19 AM) :
and you live in?

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (01:20 AM) :
unfortunatly north carolina, USA *shakes head and whimpers*

DN*DEA (01:21 AM) :
okey, so for the geographical nitwits like me, where is north carolina? east west south east?

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (01:21 AM) :
umm let me get a map so i can describe it properly

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (01:22 AM) :
if you look directly in the center of the US, where washington D.C. is i live 2 states down from that

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (01:23 AM) :
so i guess you could call it the south
DN*DEA (01:23 AM) :
you live among rednecks then?

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (01:23 AM) :
pretty much

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (01:24 AM) :
my town isnt so much but the minute you leave its all rednecks
Märåµdêr³*DEAc (01:25 AM) :
its kinda depressing but oh well cant dont anything bout it for another year and a half

DN*DEA (01:25 AM) :
okey. so maybe, in-between all the USA criticism we hear here in Europe, you could maybe tell us a reason why living in the US is good?

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (01:26 AM) :

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (01:27 AM) :
let me think this may take a little
DN*DEA (01:27 AM) :
freedom, american dream, etc?

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (01:29 AM) :
well this is my view personally, but pretty much our freedoms have been repressed continously since we were “given” by each president with only a few advances being made and the american dream is basically just an excuse for people to destroy each other and themselves in attempts to earn more money, i think that anything you can find in America you can find in the europe

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (01:30 AM) :
also i cant really say how we would be better than other countries being as i havent lived there and experienced what each one was like

DN*DEA (01:31 AM) :
okey, final question about the whole US thing then, how does it feel to be one of the few Americans in DEA?

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (01:34 AM) :
i actually enjoy it, it makes me seem different but it allows me to see how other ppl view the US , also it makes match times easier on the weekends cause i dont have to give up my entire night just an hour or 2 at 3:00 although it sucks only being able to play once a week

DN*DEA (01:35 AM) :
on to gaming now, when did you first start playing online games?

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (01:36 AM) :
i think it was around 2000-2001 with the best game ever, df2

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (01:37 AM) :
got df2 for my birthday when it first came out, took my a long as time to realize that it even had a multiplayer part

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (01:38 AM) :
started playing that and was hooked for 4 years

DN*DEA (01:38 AM) :
and how did you manage to get into DEA?

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (01:39 AM) :
me and fierce had a looooooooooooooooooooooooot of sweet sweet man love

DN*DEA (01:39 AM) :

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (01:41 AM) :
lol no moreph who was a member of my old squad =PRO= (like 16th run ) had joined DEA for df2 and told me that it was a good squad and that he would try and talk with the leaders and whatnot

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (01:41 AM) :
then i played with fierce and you guys and became your little zone whore 🙂

DN*DEA (01:42 AM) :
well zonewhore’s win you matches

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (01:43 AM) :
yeah we do :-P,
DN*DEA (01:44 AM) :
anyway, apart from DF2, you started playing JO in DEA, a game to your liking?

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (01:45 AM) :
it was at first, then nova started messing around with patches and it started making the game lag really bad, i cant go into a server without 2 seconds of lag

DN*DEA (01:46 AM) :
oh 🙁

but now you’ve found a new game i think? CSS?

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (01:48 AM) :
yup starting up the US css division 🙂 got a whole 3 members now but im convincing more people to join by offering them sexual favors given by either fierce or herk, whichever they prefer. once i get some more members we’re gonna join CAL and own people with our hacks. rawr

DN*DEA (01:50 AM) :
=-O again

could you explain, to me, what is fun about CS?

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (01:52 AM) :
i like it because it takes a mixture of intelligence, where to rush, where to camp, when and where to throw your flashes and you frags and just gaming skill to be able to hit people in the head with only a couple shots while moving

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (01:53 AM) :
takes more time to truely master also, unlike some games where you can go into a server without ever playing and be the best one there

DN*DEA (01:54 AM) :
oh, doesn’t sound like my kind of game

anyway, a change of subject without any reason:
what kind of music do you listen to?

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (01:55 AM) :
i listen to everything actually, i have country cds, rap cds, some oldies stuff, some metal, some punk

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (01:55 AM) :
and i listen to it all equally

DN*DEA (01:56 AM) :
you don’t have one favourite artist?

DN*DEA (01:56 AM) :
ike Michial Jackson or Britney Spears?

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (01:56 AM) :
well who can honestly resist britney?

DN*DEA (01:57 AM) :
as an artist, or?

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (01:58 AM) :
britney’s an artist?

DN*DEA (01:59 AM) :
i think there are some poeple that think she is

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (01:58 AM) :
well the mentally challenged have to listen to something also i guess

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (01:58 AM) :
but i would have to say that my favorite artist would be masta ace just because the way that he raps isnt about all the guns he has and the drugs he sells but rather what his life was like

DN*DEA (02:01 AM) :

i’ll do some quick questions now:

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (02:01 AM) :

DN*DEA (02:01 AM) :
Are you religious?

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (02:01 AM) :
hell no

DN*DEA (02:01 AM) :
The movies or the disco?

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (02:01 AM) :
the movies

DN*DEA (02:01 AM) :
disco is a place where people dance to techno

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (02:01 AM) :
yeah wierdos

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (02:02 AM) :
ive listened to tarzan on TS

DN*DEA (02:02 AM) :

DN*DEA (02:02 AM) :
What is your favourite movie, and why?

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (02:03 AM) :
eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, i just think that everything in the movie is done perfectly

DN*DEA (02:03 AM) :
What kind of school do you attend, if you’re still going to school that is.

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (02:04 AM) :
i go to high school, dunno if my idea of high school translates into foreign countries after talking to voodoo bout school systems in england

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (02:05 AM) :
the school before you go to uni

DN*DEA (02:05 AM) :
If I would give you a travel ticket, where would you be heading for vacation?

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (02:06 AM) :
somewhere in SC

DN*DEA (02:06 AM) :

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (02:07 AM) :
just because from what ive seen/heard from people (including those on DEA) the countries seem like a fantastic place to be

DN*DEA (02:09 AM) :
i think its just cold, but that might be me 🙂

apart from online gaming, whats your biggest hobby (hobby sounds kinda gay, i know)

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (02:09 AM) :
lol probably lacrosse

DN*DEA (02:10 AM) :
and, for those who don’t know, lacrosse is?

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (02:11 AM) :
sport sort of like hockey only you play on a grass field and have a metal pole with a plastic head with mesh netting to catch the ball

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (02:11 AM) :

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (02:11 AM) :
there is a picture

DN*DEA (02:12 AM) :
ohh, i thought it was on a horse

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (02:12 AM) :
nah 🙂

DN*DEA (02:13 AM) :
it looks pretty tough?

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (02:14 AM) :
it hurts a little but you get over it pretty quickly

DN*DEA (02:15 AM) :
okey – a quick swap back to online gaming. looking back on the years you’ve been gaming, what would have been the match to remember?

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (02:17 AM) :
umm probably the -.os.- one that we won 3-2 even though i only played those last 2 maps

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (02:17 AM) :
almost peed myself everytime devious ran over me on the last map

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (02:18 AM) :
although the .cr. matches where always good even though i got destroyed

DN*DEA (02:19 AM) :
okey, and finally, i can’t get around this question, how did you pick your nickname?

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (02:20 AM) :
lol i went by the name deathbliss for about a year and then got tired of it so i went to and just started typing words in

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (02:21 AM) :
and eventually got marauder which i liked

DN*DEA (02:21 AM) :
thats pretty deep

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (02:22 AM) :
lol i know

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (02:22 AM) :
what can i say, im a deep kinda guy
DN*DEA (02:22 AM) :

i’m affraid i’m putting an end to this interview sir 🙁

Märåµdêr³*DEAc (02:23 AM) :
okay mr. dn 🙁