n a serie of interviews, you will get the chance to get to know your team mate just a bit better. Here by presented to you, the story behind the Drugs Enforcement Agent.

Previous interview:
INTERVIEW 1 – Diablero

Today all attention goes to bhd agent: Lefty

DN*DEA (10:27 PM) :
okey, i’ll just start then πŸ™‚

Lefty (10:27 PM) :

DN*DEA (10:28 PM) :
πŸ™‚ Hi, my real name is Floris, we all know you as Lefty, what is your real name?

Lefty (10:28 PM) :
My real name is Peter =)

DN*DEA (10:29 PM) :
okey Peter πŸ™‚ no real connection i can spot between Lefty and peter πŸ™
What is the story behind β€˜Lefty?as your nickname?

Lefty (10:30 PM) :
That’s true, no real connection at all. I “took” the name Lefty after a movie I’ve seen, but in the movie a guy was called Left, but that was soooo gay so I just added the ‘y’ to make it even MORE gay! πŸ˜‰

DN*DEA (10:31 PM) :
Allright then :-D,

When you joined DEA it was for LW, now your playing BHD. accept those 2, what online games, are or ware you into?

Lefty (10:32 PM) :
I started my whole “computer-age” back in ’98 with Delta Force 1.

Lefty (10:32 PM) :
So, I haven’t played anything else really, that intense like I’ve done with DF.

DN*DEA (10:33 PM) :
Cool, real old-skool πŸ™‚
In all that time, and all series, what is the most memorable match you played?

Lefty (10:33 PM) :
That’s a hard one. Can’t really pick one match out of all the matches… =\

DN*DEA (10:34 PM) :
πŸ™ come on the must be one on your mind.

Lefty (10:34 PM) :
No, not really… lol

DN*DEA (10:35 PM) :
rofl i’ll cut that out then lol

Lefty (10:35 PM) :
But just for the sake of it, I’ll say the one where my own LW team “tried” to play *DEA… =\

Lefty (10:35 PM) :
That was embarrassing… =(

DN*DEA (10:35 PM) :
Okey, and with DEA?

Lefty (10:36 PM) :
All the finals? Where we won? ;P

DN*DEA (10:36 PM) :
in LW? well no wonder you can’t think of any πŸ™‚

Lefty (10:37 PM) :
Or the game vs fu where it took 7 maps do declare a winner… =)

Lefty (10:38 PM) :
A match I played with Dirty Rotten Embicillies back in 98/99 in the TDM world championship. It was my first US squad and I had to get up at 03:00 to be able to play the game and then go to school… lol

Lefty (10:38 PM) :
That was in df1 btw… πŸ˜‰

DN*DEA (10:40 PM) :
Okey then, well part of online gaming is being .. well online. with people you really have no clue about.

Is it positive that the internet allows you to be different then you are in real life, or does that make the internet fake?

Lefty (10:41 PM) :
It can be good and bad. But it’s not that hard to tell really, it hasn’t been for me atleast. If ppl are being truthfully and “honest” about things. People that’s not being themselves online tends to exaggerate alittle too much. So the friends I’ve made online is the ppl I get to be honest and being themselves.

Lefty (10:43 PM) :
And if it’s good or not. Just look at all the racism out there. A person that’s being online “hanging” out with friends and such can’t really get bothered. The guy infront of the other screen doesn’t always know how the other person looks like and so on…so I guess it’s both for good and bad that you can yourself online.

DN*DEA (10:43 PM) :
from all those people then, whom you met over the years, are there people you look up to, inside DF community?

Lefty (10:45 PM) :
Yeah. They are…most of them. I’ve been CO’ing ALOT during the years so I tend to get too much of contacts on my list. And by those whom I’ve challenged and has become friends with, they’re mostly from the DF community.

DN*DEA (10:45 PM) :
could you name one?

Lefty (10:46 PM) :
One of my oldest friends doesn’t play games online anymore but in df1 his name was Warchild, I’ve knowned him since the very beginning. Then we always have Scrooge, Morax and all those ppl that I talk regulary with, almost every day.

DN*DEA (10:47 PM) :
And outside DF. in other words real life. do you have like a role model ?

Lefty (10:47 PM) :
I’d say my older brother then, spend alot of time with him so…

DN*DEA (10:49 PM) :
k that kinda gets us away from the whole gaming thing..

besides gaming, what are your hobby’s?

Lefty (10:50 PM) :
Hanging with friends, listening to music alot (all kind of music), watches alot of movies, graphics, bowling and floorball…

DN*DEA (10:51 PM) :
floorball? whats that?

Lefty (10:51 PM) :
LΓ–L! I always gets that question. Hold on… =)

Lefty (10:52 PM) :
http://www.floorball.org/ <- it’s like land-hockey. But not as rough and with a not-so-heavy ball. =)

DN*DEA (10:53 PM) :
cool so its like field hockey inside – i guess..

You said ‘all kinds of music’ could you name some bands or artists?

Lefty (10:55 PM) :
Yeah, it’s like field hockey, but not as gay… ;P

Well, in my mp3 archive you’ll find EVERYTHING. All from old ABBA/Beatles/Elvis to todays pop and rock to heavy metal to rap/hiphop. You just name a genre and I’ll have it, trust me… =)

DN*DEA (10:56 PM) :
I guess that means music is important to you? and if so, why?
do you play music? like in a band? or is it just listening.

Lefty (10:58 PM) :
I think I’d do well as a guy who could tell if it’s a hit or not. You know what I mean? But I don’t play any instruments, only a little drums. I do make some music on my ‘puter but that’s not much, not much at all. I’m one of those that’s just addictive to listen to it…

DN*DEA (11:00 PM) :
okey πŸ™‚

I take it tho, that there is more then hobby’s πŸ™ are you still going to school?

Lefty (11:01 PM) :
Yeah, I’m still in school. Was supposed to graduate this summer that were but as I was tired of all the yada yada at school some time ago (like the WHOLE FUCKING TIME!) I took a year and a half off and worked. Now I’m back and I’ve been studying a 4 year education in 2 years so. Still got some time left to go though… =\ But I’m actually pleased that I did it like that, because my grades couldn’t been better than it is now… =)

DN*DEA (11:02 PM) :
What kind of word did you do?

DN*DEA (11:03 PM) :
work* πŸ™‚

Lefty (11:04 PM) :
I tried all kinds of work, all from working in a grocery store to car shops. Mostly it was the service jobs that was tempting me, love to work with ppl and not only machines.

Lefty (11:05 PM) :
But I’m not an caretaker really, like working with older people and stuff like that. That’s something I can’t handle…ewww… =\

DN*DEA (11:05 PM) :
is that what you are planning to do in the fututre ? i don’t mean the grocery store, but working with people?

Lefty (11:06 PM) :
Yeah, in a way. I’m going an media concentrated education to become some sort of Art Director/Layout’er, graphical designer or whatever. But it can’t just be my self and the computer. Need to get to meet with ppl aswell. Like taking buisness deals and things like that.

DN*DEA (11:08 PM) :
Okey πŸ™‚

You live in Sweden, did the Anna Lindh murder effect you?

Lefty (11:10 PM) :
It effected me in the way like “wtf!?”. But not as most of the ppl on TV was, they were like crying and shit like that. I mean, 98% of ’em didn’t even know the women ffs…

And like the tittle-tattle was like, now when she got murdered more ppl would vote ‘yes’. But they didn’t neither did I. =)

DN*DEA (11:13 PM) :
Why did you vote no? is it just, not wanting the Euro, or is it deeper then that?
Do you see Europe in general as a ‘danger’ for your own Swedish culture?

Lefty (11:15 PM) :
In the very beginning I was a ‘yes’er. But alot of question marks got on the table that politician couldn’t answer so I decided to not let all the question marks get into a “we’ll join and see what happens”. I therefor decided to vote ‘no’ to let time tell if it’s good or bad with Euro.

DN*DEA (11:16 PM) :
and as for the 2nd question?

Lefty (11:17 PM) :
No, I don’t see Europe in general as a ‘danger’ for Swedish. It’s not like where some g0dlike country or anything. I think united is for the better than being outside. But then we should know of all the things that’s vital to know about…

DN*DEA (11:18 PM) :

If I would give you a travel ticket, where would you be heading for vacation?

Lefty (11:19 PM) :
I’ll get a around-the-world-ticket ffs… ;p

DN*DEA (11:19 PM) :
cheater! πŸ™‚

The movies or the disco?

Lefty (11:20 PM) :
Tough choice… =\

But I’ll say discos, ‘cuz I download my movies… ;P

DN*DEA (11:20 PM) :


If you cold make a living out of DF, would you?

Lefty (11:20 PM) :
No! Nevah evah! I want a _real_ work.

DN*DEA (11:21 PM) :
What is your favourite movie, and why?

Lefty (11:24 PM) :
I’ve seen like one gazillion movies!

But I’ll mention one or two… πŸ˜‰
Braveheart – What’s there not to like?
The Boondock Saint – Just so fvcking cool!
The LOTR movies – *no comment*
The Matrix movies – Can’t wait for the last part!
The Shawshank Redemption – Haven’t seen it? FFS man!

^^ that’s some of the top-movies I’ve got. You don’t wanna see my entire list of “greatest movies I’ve seen”…

Lefty (11:24 PM) :
BTW, that’s not in any particular order…

DN*DEA (11:25 PM) :
:O addict

Lefty (11:25 PM) :
true… =\ ~ πŸ˜€

DN*DEA (11:25 PM) :
somewhat more serious:
Are you religious?

Lefty (11:26 PM) :
Don’t believe in anything…

You live and you die, that’s the story…

DN*DEA (11:28 PM) :
thats clear enough πŸ™‚

DN*DEA (11:28 PM) :
Somewhat less serious:
Mc Donald’s or exclusive dinner?

Lefty (11:29 PM) :
Exclusive dinner…

DN*DEA (11:29 PM) :
Is cloning the future, or is one Herk more then enough?

Lefty (11:30 PM) :
One Jerk is more than enough! *afraid*

DN*DEA (11:31 PM) :
Drugs? or not?

Lefty (11:31 PM) :
Not! Totally against drugs, eventhough alcolhol is a drug aswell, but I can see through the fingers on that one. Alcohol – ok =)

DN*DEA (11:32 PM) :

We been talking one hour πŸ™‚ and i’m out of questions :-(.

If there is anything you would like to add?

Lefty (11:33 PM) :
Yeah, sue me! πŸ˜›