Fìêrçé²*DE 14-12-20 0:59 *PULLS* his pink dress up again.. while he was walking to his customer… The 2de of tonight*.. Grabs his pen and paper
Fìêrçé²*DE 14-12-20 0:59 Goodnight, i’m Fierce aka Rody.. you are ?
Herkulez*D 14-12-20 0:59 normal dutch introduction 😀
Herkulez*D 14-12-20 0:59 My name is Danny and I seek a partner
Fìêrçé²*DE 14-12-20 1:00 Like who doesn’t BTW FFS, SAY THAT You’re Herkulez
Herkulez*D 14-12-20 1:00 OK OK …LOL im Herkulez aka Danny ? 🙂
Fìêrçé²*DE 14-12-20 1:00 Hehe, good. Where do you live Danny .?
Herkulez*D 14-12-20 1:01 Heart of europe, the eldorado for Sweden, Copenhagen, Denmark
Fìêrçé²*DE 14-12-20 1:02 As we all know, you were in DEA here from the start .. and atm you’re a kind of godfather to the team.. How does DEA infects you’re life ?
Herkulez*D 14-12-20 1:04 Infects my life? I like the organising, the “team” and the consistency DEA gave me loads of friends from all over the world…some sticks around some don’t but whats important for me is I treat online friends the same way i treat RL friends

Fìêrçé²*DE 14-12-20 1:05 so online gaming, is a part of you. ? when did you started to play, online games and how did you started?
Herkulez*D 14-12-20 1:06 I started because Carbon played df2 offline….I told him that must suck and sounded boring…but I got a pc in late 1999 and started to play a little…then I had a soccer injury and I got 4-6 weeks 24/7 infront of my pc and got addicted to df2…lol
Herkulez*D 14-12-20 1:07 Carbon played online..not offline 😀

Fìêrçé²*DE 14-12-20 1:07 Rofl.. So you started in DF2. you play any other online games ?
Herkulez*D 14-12-20 1:08 I am dedicated to the games I play….I played df2, then lw and now BHD….on and off I play df2 still but not as much as I would like to… I limit myself to max 2-4 nights pr week and around 3-6 hours those days…. I can’t see myself roam around in games…
Fìêrçé²*DE 14-12-20 1:10 As we all know, you’re a gay person, and got extrem ideas on sex. etc etc. But are you married wife/boy/girl/kids/horse/dog??
Herkulez*D 14-12-20 1:10 I never try new games. .never….if DEA goes into a game then I follow…I play DF for matches, team and friends….not for the game itself….

Fìêrçé²*DE 14-12-20 1:10 is there a misses Herkulez ore Baby Herkulez ?
Herkulez*D 14-12-20 1:10 I am married to my pussy and got a bitch around….or is that the other way around?
Fìêrçé²*DE 14-12-20 1:11 Hehe, so you got a wife, and got a cat ?
Herkulez*D 14-12-20 1:11 yup 🙂 alltho married is a big word…been with the same girl for around 18 years and the cat for like 14 years 😀
Herkulez*D 14-12-20 1:11 DEA for 4 years soon….see a line? 🙂
Fìêrçé²*DE 14-12-20 1:12 i miss the counter 8
Fìêrçé²*DE 14-12-20 1:12 😉
Herkulez*D 14-12-20 1:12 lol
Fìêrçé²*DE 14-12-20 1:13 Alot of people are guessing, and wondering about youré age. People are comparing you with Santa Claus.. (due age).. and people like that.. But what is you’re true age ?

Herkulez*D 14-12-20 1:14 My belly (no offense to my UK buddy 😀 ) can be compared to Santa but im working on that 😀 age..well 34 😉
Fìêrçé²*DE 14-12-20 1:14 haahaaa.. 34 and got a wife. Hmmm.. Did i told you, you’re not allowed to lie, in this intervieuw ?
Herkulez*D 14-12-20 1:15 no ? LOL
Fìêrçé²*DE 14-12-20 1:15 hehe.. I’m very sorry, but people will not believe this.. Herkulez 34 and got a wife
Fìêrçé²*DE 14-12-20 1:15 ffs, even i have to imagine, vveeeeery hard tbh
Fìêrçé²*DE 14-12-20 1:15 😀
Herkulez*D 14-12-20 1:15 hehe
Herkulez*D 14-12-20 1:16 people thought I was younger and had two wifes?
Fìêrçé²*DE 14-12-20 1:16 Hmm. Mayby older, and have 3 animals, as living partner
Herkulez*D 14-12-20 1:16 lol

Fìêrçé²*DE 14-12-20 1:16 But you started DEA almost 4 years ago right ? who came on the idea ?
Herkulez*D 14-12-20 1:20 I didn’t start DEA 🙂 Chesskng is DEA’s founder…He is from USA andstarted DEA from the dusts of a squad called *3MC (still love that name..lol)
I came in 3 days after but played a friendly for *3MC DEA started as mostly a US squad but I recruited more and more euro’s and I guess I took it a little more serious than Chess and the US guys…. When I set up matches I expected people to show and to follow tacs…US guys were satisfied with public playing So I split DEA up in DEAus and DEAeu but DEAus never really worked and Chesskng gave me DEA
Fìêrçé²*DE 14-12-20 1:21 well i can ask, about, more .. about the team, though i think we will be talking over 6 hours still.
Herkulez*D 14-12-20 1:22 hehe…well I see DEA’s era as periods….periods of CO’s and yes I could give you an hour of each 😀
Fìêrçé²*DE 14-12-20 1:23 I remember for example, when i joined DEA almost 1 1/2 year ago. I played with alot of Old players. (old on age). People like Tá, Herkulez,
jafo, Carbon etc etc. I always thought Online gaming was mostly young people How do you feel, about older playing online games ?
Herkulez*D 14-12-20 1:25 Obviously im cool with older people playing online..lol but I never saw it as big problem…age…. I often said that I have met 15y olds who were more mature than alot older guys….DEA have been blessed with several young kids who acted great Unfortunatly we have seen bad examples also…both old and young….
Herkulez*D 14-12-20 1:26 Btw Carbon is 9 years younger than me and would be offended by beeing called old 😀
Fìêrçé²*DE 14-12-20 1:26 yeah that is correct. At the end, (as i see it), in online gaming, it doesn’t matter, how old you are, ore how you look like, it’s how good you are, and how nice you are.
Carbon, is a youngster 😉
Herkulez*D 14-12-20 1:27 little kid ya 😀
Fìêrçé²*DE 14-12-20 1:27 Carbon is family right ?
Herkulez*D 14-12-20 1:27 My brother yes
Fìêrçé²*DE 14-12-20 1:28 and he doesn’t bother that ??
Herkulez*D 14-12-20 1:28 which part of it? 🙂
Fìêrçé²*DE 14-12-20 1:28 beeing you’re brother, and you telling the whole world of it.

Herkulez*D 14-12-20 1:28 beeing my brother? got no choice I guess..im bigger, faster and stronger than him 😀
Fìêrçé²*DE 14-12-20 1:29 ROFl. haah.. Carbon ain’t the only family irl for you in DEA right ?
Herkulez*D 14-12-20 1:30 there is one more…but I would like to keep that as a secret…actually the whole family is trying to eject him 😀
Fìêrçé²*DE 14-12-20 1:30 why is that ?
Herkulez*D 14-12-20 1:31 Loads of reasons….he use to like the wrong football club, stinks at df2, lw and bhd, annoying and I could go on 🙂
Fìêrçé²*DE 14-12-20 1:31 hhehe. Any more family ?/ ore only Carb and mr. X
Herkulez*D 14-12-20 1:31 but if you must know then its XeraX who is my cousin 😀
Herkulez*D 14-12-20 1:32 Well Lotte our flagrunner from df2 and lw is related by beeing Carbon’s gf 🙂
Fìêrçé²*DE 14-12-20 1:33 So we got herk, Carb, Lotte, Xerax.. in 1 team.. very nice.
I heared you liked football very much

Herkulez*DEA (1:35 AM) :
yup football is an even bigger passion for me than DEA 😀
Fìêrçé²*DEA (1:35 AM) :
Bronby i heared
Herkulez*DEA (1:35 AM) :
Brøndby 😀
Fìêrçé²*DEA (1:37 AM) :
howcome you love brondby ?
Herkulez*DEA (1:39 AM) :
Again its something about starting to focus on one thing and stick to it 🙂
But the reason I started is silly….I saw a teamphoto in a newspaper..which congratulated them with a advancement to 1 division and I liked their shirts…LOL
Herkulez*DEA (1:40 AM) :
That was in 1981 and then I have followed Tottenham Hotspur in England since 1978 😉
Fìêrçé²*DEA (1:40 AM) :
Do you go to every home game ore ?
Herkulez*DEA (1:40 AM) :
Every and a few away games 🙂
Herkulez*DEA (1:41 AM) :
Our company got company tickets for Brøndby and are sponsor them
Fìêrçé²*DEA (1:41 AM) :
Well that is great, some business seats So when will DEA be intivted to come and watch Brondby
Herkulez*DEA (1:42 AM) :
hehe could be cool but how many would travel to DK to watch football ? 🙂
Fìêrçé²*DEA (1:43 AM) :
We all can
Fìêrçé²*DEA (1:44 AM) :
Do you have a history in football you’re self ?
Herkulez*DEA (1:45 AM) :
I played football most of my life but never got anywhere…I still tell myself that I could have reached something but that will never be answered
Fìêrçé²*DEA (1:46 AM) :
hahha. what other things you have besides, online gaming ore football ?
Herkulez*DEA (1:48 AM) :
Our shop…which I use lots of thoughts on…I actually use something from online gaming/interact
Organisation etc
Fìêrçé²*DEA (1:48 AM) :
what kind of shop do you have ?
Herkulez*DEA (1:49 AM) :
So I have my gf, my work, “my” squad, my football and my family 🙂
Herkulez*DEA (1:49 AM) :
Mobile phones….I sell mobilephones
Herkulez*DEA (1:50 AM) :
But recently I expanded into another of my passions…DVD and CD’s (and soon pc/xbox games)
Herkulez*DEA (1:51 AM) :
And later I will try to sell monitors and hardware to pc’s…
Fìêrçé²*DEA (1:51 AM) :
Some busy guy, you are..
Fìêrçé²*DEA (1:51 AM) :
How do you think about politics ?
Herkulez*DEA (1:53 AM) :
Lets just say im against EU but as most things in life….not all are bad….
Problem with politics for me is its hard to say…this guy/woman stands for something good all the way…because there is always black/white, dark/light, sweet/sour etc
Fìêrçé²*DEA (1:54 AM) :
So you don’t think the EU is good thing ?
Herkulez*DEA (1:54 AM) :
I think when I was younger it was easier for me to hate/love things 🙂
Fìêrçé²*DEA (1:54 AM) :
yes, but still on older age, you got an opinion
Herkulez*DEA (1:55 AM) :
yes and no….it could be good but I hate France and Germany’s power there…
Fìêrçé²*DEA (1:55 AM) :
but you think the general “idea” is good
Herkulez*DEA (1:55 AM) :
yes very and ofcourse….
Fìêrçé²*DEA (1:56 AM) :
About you’re name.. Herkulez you always use that name ?
Herkulez*DEA (1:56 AM) :
but its the same (without having studied it) with communism, buddhism, democratism (sp?) ideas were prolly good…lol
Herkulez*DEA (1:57 AM) :
Yes I use Herkulez from day one…deepeer meaning? well I always liked the greek mythology, norse gods, egyptian gods etc
Fìêrçé²*DEA (1:58 AM) :
so there isn’t a story behind the name, Herkulez, just that you like the Greek God ?
Herkulez*DEA (1:58 AM) :
I actually roamed with the thought of making a squad called gods and have all members to have god names 😀
Herkulez*DEA (1:58 AM) :
but it was used and used loads of times 🙂
Herkulez*DEA (1:58 AM) :
yes exactly..
Fìêrçé²*DEA (1:58 AM) :
ahaha AO. example hi Loki.
Herkulez*DEA (1:59 AM) :
RA hi Osiris and iris etc
Fìêrçé²*DEA (1:59 AM) :
So it wasn’t that you choose herkulez, Bc some things match with you’re self irl ?
Herkulez*DEA (1:59 AM) :
hehe could be cool but some would rather compare me with Odin if we must take some god comparing 😀
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:00 AM) :
It’s well known that Herkulez boned sheeps
Herkulez*DEA (2:00 AM) :
he was away alot ….
Herkulez*DEA (2:00 AM) :
Herkulez*DEA (2:00 AM) :
strange islands etc
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:00 AM) :
Like you, irl, though not sheeps, but goats.
Herkulez*DEA (2:01 AM) :
naaaa thats Coy….only Coy…. but he is a farmer and got a quick access to them….actually I think it was any animal out there on that farm that was coyed at some point 😀
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:02 AM) :
If you can call.. (are allowed more than 1), players in the online gaming world, which ment alot for you.. who where they.. and why

Herkulez*DEA (2:05 AM) :
That would be impossible
I had then pleasure of playing with some of the best guys out there and have been blessed with some of the most hard working CO’s
But I must admit that some “teams” gave me bigger war pleasure than others 🙂
The DF2 team we played =KOH= matches with, the LW team we played STS matches with and ofcourse the strong BHD team we still have
I could give you the first 50 names without a blink which all meant alot to me 🙂
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:06 AM) :
so there is none, who is jumping out, above the rest ?
Herkulez*DEA (2:06 AM) :
Then we have the friendships which for some points are another deal….again I have met some great guys, some are still here, some plays some don’t and a few got to busy RL
Herkulez*DEA (2:07 AM) :
Herkulez*DEA (2:07 AM) :
I could give you a hint….from day one….
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:08 AM) :
Sheep ?
Herkulez*DEA (2:15 AM) :
Chesskng MrGun, Sweetcheeks, jafo, Carbon, Aceofspades, Fire, kris, Demon, Icehawk, Bad AL, Calle, Cortez, Devious, Dirtbag, Desnino, eski, fierce, flashpoint, humate, goldman, belly, jenox, junkfood, jarod, lamorak, lefty, morax, nor, murd, mizty, coy, matrix, rainmaker, potter, slobba, sting, striper, t3, xenon, wardog, Blue/touch, xerax, agravair, al bundy, assasin, bluealert, bomba, darklight, diablero, payload/fade, fenris, loki, ffirebreed, grifter, grusom, hilarious, kazuya, kevlar, lord drax, lotte, metaljack, phariance, ram, redox, sanchez, santa, schenton, sleepwalker, strider, tokinbong, tarzan, techno, t’a, swaxxar, thug, urgluf, vandals, zarni,
Herkulez*DEA (2:15 AM) :
wonder if I forgot one or two ? 😀

Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:09 AM) :
the realtion ship between KOH and DEA, is other than other teams. At least what i can remember, howcome the 2 squads came that close ?
Herkulez*DEA (2:18 AM) :
Well as DEA been around for 4 years we got to know a few squads very well but some of those squads we simply consumed…
TNP was the first squad, from there we had Strider, Carbon, Humate, Tokin@Bong, then it was =KOH= where loads of players joined DEA….Kay, Lamorak, Lancelot, Agravair etc, then it was =bgf= with Fire, Firebreed, Montana, Bomba, Bad al, then it was STS with Knoxville, The Legion, Techno, Junkfood

Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:19 AM) :
allright, time for some short questions.. ok ?
Herkulez*DEA (2:19 AM) :
The reason DEA and =KOH= came close was =KOH=’s public server called Camelot, hosted by Pellimore who also was at DEA party 1 and 2 🙂
Herkulez*DEA (2:19 AM) :
rgr 🙂
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:19 AM) :
excluxive Dinner ore Fastfood

Herkulez*DEA (2:20 AM) :
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:20 AM) :
Cook you’re self / ore going for a exclusive dinner

Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:20 AM) :
what do you like the most (of eating)
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:20 AM) :
Lol question was to fast lol
Herkulez*DEA (2:20 AM) :
I like to cook when its something special but I dont do it often 🙂 I rarely eat out
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:21 AM) :
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:20 AM) :
what do you like the most (of eating)
Herkulez*DEA (2:21 AM) :
What I like the most…..mexican food 🙂
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:21 AM) :
Herkulez*DEA (2:21 AM) :
yes 🙂
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:21 AM) :
you perverd !!!!
Herkulez*DEA (2:21 AM) :
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:21 AM) :
For what they can wake you up, in the morning ?

Herkulez*DEA (2:22 AM) :
for what?
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:22 AM) :
yes, for what..
Herkulez*DEA (2:22 AM) :
I wake up easy but sleep tight 🙂
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:22 AM) :
hehe. but is there anything where they can wake you up for ?
Herkulez*DEA (2:23 AM) :
I can go to bed at 4am and wake up at 6am with np 😀
Herkulez*DEA (2:23 AM) :
yes work 🙂
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:23 AM) :
FFS, just anwer the question lol TBH
Herkulez*DEA (2:24 AM) :
question was fuzzy ffs 😀
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:24 AM) :
Oki let’s do it again.. Just bc you’re older than me.

Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:24 AM) :
Example you’re sleeping.. understand ?
Herkulez*DEA (2:24 AM) :
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:25 AM) :
And you’re dreaming
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:25 AM) :
understand ?
Herkulez*DEA (2:25 AM) :
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:25 AM) :
A dream of Silvia Meijs.. Understand ?
Herkulez*DEA (2:25 AM) :
wtf is silvia meijs.,..pic pls 😀
Herkulez*DEA (2:25 AM) :
but ya ya hot girl 😀
Herkulez*DEA (2:26 AM) :
or fierce naked….
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:26 AM) :
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:26 AM) :
For what, can they wake you up at that moment
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:26 AM) :
for what special thing
Herkulez*DEA (2:27 AM) :
if she starts to leak in my face 😀
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:27 AM) :
she ????
Herkulez*DEA (2:27 AM) :
wtf is that for a questions..any thing can wait when I have such dreams ffs 😀
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:28 AM) :
omg.. This gonna take long… Even my little nice of 4, knows what i mean, when i ask this question
Herkulez*DEA (2:28 AM) :
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:28 AM) :
here, let me show what DN said. last intervieuw
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:28 AM) :
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:42 PM) :
For what they can wake you up, in the morning ?
DN*DEA (3:44 PM) :
hmm, they can wake me up if the house is on fire.
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:44 PM) :
For nothing else…? everyone, they can wake up for something specials
DN*DEA (3:44 PM) :
okey.. vacation 🙂

Herkulez*DEA (2:28 AM) :
he is dutch ffs..lol
Herkulez*DEA (2:29 AM) :
OMG!!!! Vacation? nothing can wake me up ffs… anything can be postponed 🙂 Thats how I am…I have no rush in life and never gets stressed 🙂
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:30 AM) :
So there is nothing they can wake you up for ?
Herkulez*DEA (2:30 AM) :
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:30 AM) :
I think you’re lie
Herkulez*DEA (2:30 AM) :
m8…my life is great ffs 🙂 I have just what I want
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:31 AM) :
bc i know something which you definalty want to wake up for
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:31 AM) :
example you’re sleeping, and Brondby decide to play, instand, a match.. in the middle of the night.
Herkulez*DEA (2:31 AM) :
ffs science fiction..lol
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:32 AM) :
Herkulez*DEA (2:32 AM) :
a dream is not fiction 🙂 its reality 🙂
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:32 AM) :
Oki, tell me, what is ur biggest dream…

Herkulez*DEA (2:35 AM) :
I have multiple dreams….
1. Private status unchanged
2. Work, our shop stays until I gets to old to work
3. Football, Brøndby wins Champions League and Tottenham the English championship
4. Materialism (yes I am that), I get a bigger car, bigger tv, more dvd/cd’s, boat and more houses 😀
5. Online, DEA stays forever 😀
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:36 AM) :
only nr 5 will be granted
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:36 AM) :
*have a nice day*
Herkulez*DEA (2:36 AM) :
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:36 AM) :
If i gave you a travel ticket, where do you want to go to.

Herkulez*DEA (2:36 AM) :
Australia or Canada
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:37 AM) :
Marriage, ore just living togheter

Herkulez*DEA (2:37 AM) :
living together
Herkulez*DEA (2:37 AM) :
I hate religion 😀
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:37 AM) :
do you believe in love at first sight ?

Herkulez*DEA (2:38 AM) :
I believe first sight love breaks easier 🙂
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:38 AM) :
McDonalds ore Burger King ?

Herkulez*DEA (2:38 AM) :
Burger king but donald conqured DK …lol
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:40 AM) :
What do you dislike the most in online gaming ?

Herkulez*DEA (2:42 AM) :
People who acts more than they are in real life, people who can’t understand that RL and onlinegaming match…if you cheat in online gaming then I won’t trust the guy in RL
If people lie to me on ICQ then they would do the same in RL, if people ain’t loyal and trust worthy online then its the same in RL
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:42 AM) :
Are you religious?

Herkulez*DEA (2:45 AM) :
I think you can find that answer above….but to make it clear…NO I am not…..I hate religion but its good fiction (bible, the coran etc) Most religious people are weak in my eyes…they need something they cant find in real life…yes its a hard statement but this is how I feel….maybe its too easy for me as a dane to say
And im talking fanatic religious here….the more moderate I just don’t get….
Herkulez*DEA (2:46 AM) :
religion = war
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:46 AM) :
on some things i’ve to agree. some i can’t not that i’m religious.
Herkulez*DEA (2:46 AM) :
well I dont mean it to disrespect others but this is how I feel
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:47 AM) :
all have their own oppionons, about it, and alot of times, it’s religian, which is the start on wars. exmp.
Herkulez*DEA (2:47 AM) :
religion is power 🙂
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:47 AM) :
Okey, new subject if you could be granted 3 wishes, what would you wish for?

Herkulez*DEA (2:48 AM) :
3 wishes question is good for younger guys 🙂 but lets be static
Peace, love and power
Herkulez*DEA (2:49 AM) :
and with power I mean power over our own lifes 🙂
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:50 AM) :
Herkulez*DEA (2:50 AM) :
56k is powah if you learn how to use it 🙂
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:50 AM) :
we are talking atm, about 2 hours. and i’ think i’m running out of questions. do you have some thing to add ?
Herkulez*DEA (2:51 AM) :
yes,…Those who ain’t gonna come to DEA party will feel my anger!! , SO BE THERE ALL YOU LAZY SCOUNDRELLS 🙂
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:52 AM) :
hhahaha.. i know they will come. as they konw you’re ain’t that Gay (feelings). that we thought
Herkulez*DEA (2:52 AM) :
haha they better 🙂 still loads of guys I havn’t met in RL
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:53 AM) :
Hehhee you’ll never know.. august, is a time away
Herkulez*DEA (2:54 AM) :
ya but I atleast hope all will consider it good 🙂
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:54 AM) :
well, the next intervieuw will beat 2-4 august 2004. only than it will be irl
Herkulez*DEA (2:54 AM) :
hehe good 🙂
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:55 AM) :
*Puts his, pen and paper back in his bra.. and throw down his dress again*.. walking away to his next customer