DN*DEA (02:35 PM) :
Hi Fierce, i’m Desnino but my real name is Floris, and who are you?

Ðåññ¥ / Fìêrçé²*DEA (02:33 PM) :
Hi, i’m Fierce, though my real name, is Rody

Ðåññ¥ / Fìêrçé²*DEA (02:35 PM) :
Yes i see you think rody

DN*DEA (02:35 PM) :
It is? wow i always thought it was Danny,
How long have you been playing online games? and how did you get into it?

Ðåññ¥ / Fìêrçé²*DEA (02:36 PM) :
Well start up with the first, yes, i said my name was Danny, always. That was from the beginning, i used always D. Percell as player name.. why i don’t know, mayby i watched tv to often. I got into a squad, and still used that name, so that’s why i’ve always used his idententity…

But my real name is Rody

DN*DEA (02:36 PM) :
How long have you been playing online games? and how did you get into it?

Ðåññ¥ / Fìêrçé²*DEA (02:36 PM) :
When i start online gaming.. pff don’t know precies.. but a long time ago.. Started with DF2, my brother had bought the cd, i played with it.. And on accident, i pressed multiplayer game..

Ðåññ¥ / Fìêrçé²*DEA (02:37 PM) :
than i saw only 8 servers or so.. bc i didn’t updatd it.. start playing, and liked it.. so, I’ve updated it,. and start playing in servers.

DN*DEA (02:37 PM) :
And is it only the DF series you play?

Ðåññ¥ / Fìêrçé²*DEA (02:38 PM) :
yeah though i’ve tried also Bf42 (didn’t worked out, bc i’ve a slow connection, and i’ve played AA (American Army) for a while)

DN*DEA (02:39 PM) :
okey, in all that time, i guess about 4 years, what would you say was the most memorable match you played?

Ðåññ¥ / Fìêrçé²*DEA (02:42 PM) :
there are 2. 1 against pff can’t remember.. I was in HTAe, and we played a match 3-7, TDM, along with Thor and DeathAngel. We won..

2de match was a match of FWF (us squad) we had to play a best of 7 match, in the time, CTF maps were played 45min. I had to get up at 2 CET or something… And count out you’re self 7*45 min. (yes we lost ).. but when the match was over, i shut down the pc, and went to school, than i made the decision, of leaving the us squad, for an euro one

DN*DEA (02:44 PM) :
heh, not a bad choice cuz you ended up here in DEA. what would you say was the most memorable match with DEA?

Ðåññ¥ / Fìêrçé²*DEA (02:45 PM) :
In dea i can’t remember, to be honest lol.. Hmm.. many .. there are, can’t pick really, only 1. If i have to pick, i would pick some final we all played. above all it’s a teameffort

DN*DEA (02:46 PM) :
okey, well in those matches you can’t remember you always played with the name ‘Fierce’. What is the story behind then name?

Ðåññ¥ / Fìêrçé²*DEA (02:48 PM) :
Haha.. why.. euhmm i started to play with D.Percell. (Tour of Duty, the serie we all have seen). In my old squad, i picked a new name DarkAngel and The Oni (Japanese for Ghost).. Than i’ve selected, Fierce.. why.. Prolly bc in dutch it means, Brave/Strength.)..

Also my old leader had this name.. but it wasn’t a rip off of him.. i didn’t even liked him that much (ssssst )

DN*DEA (02:50 PM) :
in dea you played over 600 maps, and that does not even include all the matches you played with other squads. what is it that attrackts you so much, in online gaming?

Ðåññ¥ / Fìêrçé²*DEA (02:52 PM) :
the teamplay, with eachother. The matches i like. Why ??.. good question.. I enjoy myself really, playing matches.. along with you’re friends. Online gaming is more than justa game.. You hang out, alot with people, talking, chatting playing. You just go by the guys like you would do normally with you’re own friends in real life. Every aspect in real life, you see also in online gaming.. (in a squad).. problems etc etc.. Every person, has his own story.

DN*DEA (02:55 PM) :
So thats basicly the copmmunity aspect. are there people you look up to inside DF, as a person?

Ðåññ¥ / Fìêrçé²*DEA (02:59 PM) :
People which respect people in all ways.

Ðåññ¥ / Fìêrçé²*DEA (02:59 PM) :
and people which put alot of effort into a squad..

Ðåññ¥ / Fìêrçé²*DEA (03:01 PM) :
Not gonna mention names..

DN*DEA (03:01 PM) :
okey, if you are given the oppertunitty, to play just like someone else, skillwise, who would you pick

Ðåññ¥ / Fìêrçé²*DEA (03:01 PM) :

DN*DEA (03:01 PM) :
never heard of

Ðåññ¥ / Fìêrçé²*DEA (03:02 PM) :
Hehe, it was a close friend to HTAe (old squad). But he was in TWM, SAW.
Btw.. Also people. like Onihei, Amiba (best .50 i ever saw), dogeye, will holler my name.. (also peeps from DEA )

DN*DEA (03:03 PM) :
If you could make a living out of DF, would you?

Ðåññ¥ / Fìêrçé²*DEA (03:03 PM) :

DN*DEA (03:05 PM) :
why not?

Ðåññ¥ / Fìêrçé²*DEA (03:06 PM) :
Bc i gonna miss, my real work and the social contacts wich i have there

DN*DEA (03:07 PM) :
What is the real work you are doing, atm?

Ðåññ¥ / Fìêrçé²*DEA (03:07 PM) :
I work at a transport company, i say where trucks have to load and unload.

DN*DEA (03:07 PM) :
is that fun?

Ðåññ¥ / Fìêrçé²*DEA (03:08 PM) :
I like doing that.. Lot of contacts with drivers, customers.. i like it..

DN*DEA (03:09 PM) :
Besides your work and DF, how do you spend your time?

Ðåññ¥ / Fìêrçé²*DEA (03:09 PM) :
Girlfriend, and Soccer + going out.

DN*DEA (03:10 PM) :
How about music, what is your favourite music?

Ðåññ¥ / Fìêrçé²*DEA (03:12 PM) :
I like all , to be honest.. relaxed music, hardcore, hardstyle.. Just normal songs.. everything.. hehe. it doesn’t matter to me, when you see what i’ve in my car.. I got so many diffrent cd’s from K3 till Shakira till true hardcore

DN*DEA (03:13 PM) :

Ðåññ¥ / Fìêrçé²*DEA (03:13 PM) :
yes K3, hehe..

Ðåññ¥ / Fìêrçé²*DEA (03:13 PM) :
(long story behind that.. but it’s true.. btw i got also cd’s from abba (abba gold)

DN*DEA (03:14 PM) :
And movies, what is your favourite movie?

Ðåññ¥ / Fìêrçé²*DEA (03:15 PM) :
havent’ got a favourite one,. i watch alot of movies.. Also in there i like, to watch all kinds of movies…

Ðåññ¥ / Fìêrçé²*DEA (03:15 PM) :
But not one, in specific.. i really like, many nice movies around.

DN*DEA (03:23 PM) :

You live in Holland, if you had to convince someone to move there, what would be so good about Holland, you could give as a reason?

Ðåññ¥ / Fìêrçé²*DEA (03:24 PM) :
the weather nahh holland is so diffrent. I live in a very small town, Not even 1000 citizen. But if you go to the city (rotterdam/amsterdam etc etc), it’s so diffrent. ALot of diffrent people in holland.. What is good in holland.. trick question matey….

BUT we have some great, bossenbollen
DN*DEA (03:24 PM) :
oh my, i don’t even know what bossenbollen are.

Ðåññ¥ / Fìêrçé²*DEA (03:25 PM) :
DN*DEA (03:25 PM) :
lol what are they.

oh wait, its candy like cake food, right?

Ðåññ¥ / Fìêrçé²*DEA (03:27 PM) :
haha, nahh it’s pff chocolade thing with Hmm how do you say slagroom ?

DN*DEA (03:28 PM) :

Ðåññ¥ / Fìêrçé²*DEA (03:28 PM) :
hehe cream with cream on the inside, You never ate that ?

DN*DEA (03:29 PM) :
nope, thank God.

Fi, if i remember correctly, you are not actually born here in Holland?

Ðåññ¥ / Fìêrçé²*DEA (03:29 PM) :
Nope, you’re right there, i was adopted when i was 2 1/2 i was born in south korea.. Hehe He my big brother Jafo

DN*DEA (03:32 PM) :
lol. well, South Korea. i guess you atleast had something to cheer about last summer (WK)

Ðåññ¥ / Fìêrçé²*DEA (03:33 PM) :
Rofl, nahh im dutch in mind, and speaking. I don’t care much on my born land, to be honest… This is bc i cant remember anything, the first memories, are here in holland, so i’ve no string with my born country.

DN*DEA (03:34 PM) :
Okey, still you will have to deal with people, here in Holland, that judge on skin colour. do you have alot of problems with that?

Ðåññ¥ / Fìêrçé²*DEA (03:36 PM) :
Almost never to be honest.. Off course, you had such things, but pff i don’t care that much.. to be honest.. Example on school (Havo that’s senior school or something in dutch)., we were always with a big group, And we all were on a sports named Aikido, it’s a mixture of Thaiboksing, strangle/break techinques, so none, of the other school members, were teasing us..

DN*DEA (03:38 PM) :
If i gave you a travel ticked, for any destination, where would yo be going?

Ðåññ¥ / Fìêrçé²*DEA (03:38 PM) :
world traveling.. But if that answer ain’t allowed i would say, New Zealand, ore Canada
DN*DEA (03:39 PM) :
why Canada?

Ðåññ¥ / Fìêrçé²*DEA (03:39 PM) :
I like nature.. and there is alot of it in Canada, walking and going (survivaling for hours/days) when never see anyone

DN*DEA (03:40 PM) :
do you miss that in Holand? Nature?

Ðåññ¥ / Fìêrçé²*DEA (03:40 PM) :

DN*DEA (03:42 PM) :
okey some faster questions then,

Exclusive diner, or ms donalds?

Ðåññ¥ / Fìêrçé²*DEA (03:42 PM) :
Exclusive dinner

DN*DEA (03:42 PM) :
Europe, or not?

Ðåññ¥ / Fìêrçé²*DEA (03:42 PM) :
What you mean by that quesiton

DN*DEA (03:43 PM) :
do you think the European union is good?

Ðåññ¥ / Fìêrçé²*DEA (03:43 PM) :
No, but i don’t like politics, way to much ass licking

Ðåññ¥ / Fìêrçé²*DEA (03:44 PM) :
every one, is in eachothers Ass, till there shoulder.. each and every one. (yes also in holland), none of the guys which i see in debates, is telling the truth.

DN*DEA (03:45 PM) :
kk, the movies, or the disco?

Ðåññ¥ / Fìêrçé²*DEA (03:46 PM) :
Hmm hard one…. I used to go to disco’s every where.. and all kind of parties, since i’ve got a GF, i’m a bit, easier now.. I choose, Movies. for now.. (after that we can go to a disco)

DN*DEA (03:47 PM) :
Are you religious?

Ðåññ¥ / Fìêrçé²*DEA (03:47 PM) :
No. But my gf is.

DN*DEA (03:48 PM) :
Should soft drugs be legal?

Ðåññ¥ / Fìêrçé²*DEA (03:49 PM) :
yes, (but i don’t use it)
DN*DEA (03:50 PM) :
If you could be granted 3 wishes, what would you wish for?

Ðåññ¥ / Fìêrçé²*DEA (03:50 PM) :
A: Peace on Earth
B: Polotion, 0
C: ADSL in my place (playing on ISDN ain’t gonna make you happey)

DN*DEA (03:51 PM) :
Okey, i think thats about it

unless you have something to add?

Ðåññ¥ / Fìêrçé²*DEA (03:54 PM) :
Hmm.. you still love me?

DN*DEA (03:55 PM) :
yes, i’ll send you roses and some bossenbollen

Thanks for your time

Ðåññ¥ / Fìêrçé²*DEA (03:55 PM) :
Rgr, be carefull.. Btw, next time, it’s you’re turn