DN*DEA (10:35 PM) :
***presses rec. on taperecorder***

Diablero*DEA (10:35 PM) :

DN*DEA (10:36 PM) :
Hi im DN, but my real anme is Floris. And whats your name

Diablero*DEA (10:36 PM) :

DN*DEA (10:37 PM) :
How long have you been playing online games?

Diablero*DEA (10:37 PM) :
3 years +-

DN*DEA (10:37 PM) :
only DF series?

Diablero*DEA (10:38 PM) :
playing CS with some bf from time to time…and a little ut2k3..
played medal of honour for a while also..and some UT

DN*DEA (10:39 PM) :
so i all those games, and all those years what would be the most memorable match you played?

Diablero*DEA (10:41 PM) :
must’ve been fu against dea when it came down to 7 maps with 2 or 3 draws in fb..which was the first round of some tourney i forgot the name..think it was squadgames , when i was on fu.

Diablero*DEA (10:42 PM) :
every match i played against dea in lw was exciting and close , so i’d say every lw match i played against dea was a memorable one

DN*DEA (10:42 PM) :

And most memorable match with DEA?

Diablero*DEA (10:44 PM) :
i guess it must be one..since i only played a few LW tourney matches and this one was semi finals , when we played g3 and beat them 2-1-1 and they whined like hell..

DN*DEA (10:45 PM) :
Part of online gaming is the community aspect. Alot of people think the DF community is “lame” and like you just said full of whiners. would DF be more ‘fun’ if there was no community at all? or would you secretly miss it?

Diablero*DEA (10:48 PM) :
whining and squads being lame , or trying to do anything to win is a part of a game since there are many players off different countries, just gotta live with that

DN*DEA (10:50 PM) :
“since there are many players off different countries”

Do you think that plays a big role then? Why would people from country A whine more then in country B?

Diablero*DEA (10:52 PM) :
i noticed that there are a few specific type of players who come from specific countries , who act lame, but of course its just the game , but there are exceptions..one of them is USA..most of the LW/DF2 squads who come from USA are whiners and cheaters , or get caught glitching/cheating, but no offence

DN*DEA (10:53 PM) :
Talking about countries tho, you are from Israel. i dare say i don’t meet people from is Isreal everyday, nor do most of the people in DEA. could you give us an inside view on, what it is like to grow up in Israel, for you.

Diablero*DEA (10:56 PM) :
hehe..well coming from a country whos being showed the most on the news these days isnt easy, people get bad opinions about israel because of the things CNN/BBC show , and they only show bad sides , most of the times they only film gaza which looks as if a hurricane hit that place , and they act as if israel was like that.
so most of the time when i get asked where im coming from , i try to hide it , because i get reactions such as “i didnt know u had internet in israel ” ” i thought its only about camels” lol stuff like that…
there is not a big community of israeli gamers because over all , there are only 6 million citizens here..and some arabs also who live here
in counterstrike the community is bigger..although its not big enough..

Diablero*DEA (10:57 PM) :
there are a couple of small squads in bhd made by israelis ,and theres one on ISA..just hard to find us

DN*DEA (10:59 PM) :
Would the fact you live in a, well, conflict area, have something to do with it? some might find it weird for an Israeli to play a war game.

Diablero*DEA (11:01 PM) :
yes because at the end of the day, on the news they see a couple of arabs throwing rocks towards tanks , and they get the impression from that , or just get confused , because all they see on the news is background of houses half way built, and some tanks going around there, but they dont show the other sides of israel..people attend to think all israelis have black clothes with strange hats..so they get the impression there is no internet connection etc
and the conflict is only in several places in israel , such as gaza strip..

DN*DEA (11:05 PM) :
I think, in Europe atleast, alot of people do realise Isreal is a normal civalised country tho , no matter what their opinion about it may be. So your normal day, looks in large parts the same as a day for any other? i take it your still in school?

Diablero*DEA (11:07 PM) :
yup..we do the same u do in europe, only difference is is the temp outside..a little bit warmer here, we go to school, i only have 2 more years left to go to school..
same things, same kind of sports, some people attend to think israelis look differently
some still have the thought of “long noses people” , from what the nazis showed in WW2 , but that is just wrong lol..i look exactly the same most people look , same skin too :p

DN*DEA (11:08 PM) :
allright, so what kind of school are you going to?

Diablero*DEA (11:08 PM) :
i have no idea how you call that in english , im not on high school anymore, think u call it college not sure :p

DN*DEA (11:09 PM) :
so that means your learning to for some kind of proffesion\job?

Diablero*DEA (11:10 PM) :
not yet, i do that after i finish the army, i still go to normal school (i guess its not college then ) , i still need to finish my GCSE exams.

DN*DEA (11:11 PM) :
you got any idea yet? on what to do when your done with school

Diablero*DEA (11:12 PM) :
after i finish the army , i want to study something related to computers, my parents are dentists and my sister is studying high dentical stuff right now in hungary , i might follow the “tredition” , if i find it difficult to get a good job with computers

DN*DEA (11:13 PM) :
So bisides gaming, what do you do, as in hobby’s

Diablero*DEA (11:14 PM) :
watching t.v
mostly sea “sports”

Diablero*DEA (11:15 PM) :
i used to work out but since we moved to a new city there are still no gyms

DN*DEA (11:16 PM) :
I heard its way to crowded in Israeli waters especially diving. is that true?

Diablero*DEA (11:17 PM) :
crowded? as in many people in water ? lol
in that case..no , because we have the red sea + medditarinian (sp) sea , the red sea is south of israel..and all the west side of israel got the meditarinian sea, so its not too crowded, still

Diablero*DEA (11:18 PM) :
but of course , israel is a little smaller than..holland , and we have 6 million ppl, so its somehow supposed to be a little crowded , but not really , i dive , u dont see like 100 ppl underwater hehe..

DN*DEA (11:19 PM) :
=) cool okey, the tv guy was lieing.

Okey, new subject if you could be granted 3 wishes, what would you wish for?

Diablero*DEA (11:21 PM) :
1) peace
2) that all of the racist people in the world would get a brain for a change and stop being narrow minded
3) to disarm some dangerous countries with dangerous weapons so there will be no kind of threats

DN*DEA (11:24 PM) :
The third one, does that mean you did support war in Iraq?

Diablero*DEA (11:25 PM) :
yup.. i support any movements related to disarming dangerous countries managed by some terrorists who can one day destroy half of earth

DN*DEA (11:26 PM) :
So when is someone dangerous?

Diablero*DEA (11:26 PM) :

DN*DEA (11:26 PM) :
yea, who can tell when a country is dangerous

Diablero*DEA (11:28 PM) :
there are many satellites as you probably know ,that follow some countries such as iran , and see when they’re trying to build dangerous bombs that could remove half of earth , when they are in a process where they could actually get everythign to work..then they need to start the action

DN*DEA (11:32 PM) :
okey, it might be a bit weird to connect the two, but before, when we ware talking about flaming inside DF, you told me that Americans ware quite known for that. Well its mostly America that trying to disarm these countries. Also you can dayly see how ‘squadops’ is full of anti French kjokes and all.

Did you ever connect these two things? does the behaviour of some Ameicans influence your opinion about America and their war(s)? or would you say that it hasn’t got anythong to do with each other

Diablero*DEA (11:34 PM) :
got nothign to do with eachother i guess, most of squadops members , which in my opinion , are retarded who like flaming “innocent” people who ask Questions or just open a thread about a subject.
most of them are young who just want to make a good impression of how cool they are ont he internet..of course on the internet u express urself differently than IRL, so most of them dont really mean what theyre saying, like me , on the internet im alot more open and i express my feelings while IRL im a closed person, im not really the one “to talk first” in conversations. unlike on the internet…

DN*DEA (11:35 PM) :
ok fair enouugh.

one more subject change, music, what kind of music your into?

Diablero*DEA (11:36 PM) :
into techno, trance , a little hip hop

DN*DEA (11:40 PM) :
any particular hip-hop artist? (i dunno anything about the other two sry)

Diablero*DEA (11:40 PM) :
2pac..i like eminem and nelly.

DN*DEA (11:41 PM) :
is it like a very big part of your life, music? and if so, why?

Diablero*DEA (11:42 PM) :
nope..i just listen to music while im on the computer..and sometimes when me and my family go to travel i always get a mini disc..but other than that im not into music

DN*DEA (11:43 PM) :
okey. to round it up, just a few short questions

BHD or LW?

Diablero*DEA (11:44 PM) :
havent really had the chance yet to enjoy bhd..i didnt really play tourney matches or anything like that, but i liked lw better…although its crappier graphics.

DN*DEA (11:44 PM) :
Soccer or Football?

Diablero*DEA (11:44 PM) :
but i dont play lw anymore..so that was meant to be when it was alive

Diablero*DEA (11:44 PM) :

DN*DEA (11:45 PM) :
Exclusive diner or Mc Donalds.

Diablero*DEA (11:45 PM) :
exclusive dinner

DN*DEA (11:45 PM) :
As your boyfriend, Morax or Lefty?

Diablero*DEA (11:46 PM) :

DN*DEA (11:46 PM) :
allright that covers it.

unless there’s anything you wish to add

Diablero*DEA (11:47 PM) :
hmm nothign on my mind

DN*DEA (11:47 PM) :
Allright, thank you then.

***hits the stop button***