Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:54 PM) :
*PULLS* his pink dress up, and grabs a pen a paper
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:54 PM) :
Goodafternoon, Des-Nino, I’m Fierce aka Rody, you are
DN*DEA (2:54 PM) :
I’m Floris
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:54 PM) :
Where do you live floris ?

DN*DEA (2:55 PM) :
The Netherlands, in a town called Apeldoorn.
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:55 PM) :
You’ve been in DEA for a long time.. Where is the roots for online gaming for you ? where did it all started ?
DN*DEA (2:57 PM) :
I was introduced by a friend of mine, i never really like shooting games, infact, i was not into gaming at all, let alone online gaming. He was playing df2, and arranged me a copie, i played mostly in a KOTH server – Bazookas, Hello World or Tourney 7 (that one is gone now)
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:58 PM) :
how long was this ago ?
DN*DEA (2:58 PM) :
i suppose it was late 1999 or early 2000
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:58 PM) :
How old are you atm ?
DN*DEA (2:59 PM) :
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:59 PM) :
so that would be, 16.. you’ve started..
What do you think of online shooting games, This for young kids.. do you think they influed them ?
DN*DEA (3:03 PM) :
Infuance maybe..

But i don’t think that a simple thing like a pc game can turn your mind around. If (like seen in America, Germany) some kid gets the idea to cause havoc at school with a machinegun, then it is most likely a kid with a problem in his head. The only influance the pc game might have, is that it makes it more normal in his mind.
If you are a normal healthy thinking human being, a pc game won’t have a negeative effect on you, cuz you are simply able to separate game and real life.
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:05 PM) :
What do you think about politics ? this for example in holland, ore through the whole world ?
DN*DEA (3:07 PM) :
Pff.. Well i can’t possibly write down everything i think about that. About what subject?
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:07 PM) :
Haha. i ment just in general.. Not on, specific cases.
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:07 PM) :
Do you believe in politics ?
DN*DEA (3:12 PM) :
Oh, well, i suppose people for some reason have a very negative image about politics. I personally don’t. These are hard working people, people with idea’s and people that want to accomplish something. But it is (just like in real life) not always possible to do what you want. Politics is all about compromising. In Holland, but also on World level. So, for a politician, its really hard to make true what he promisses. And i guess that is what everyone finds so repulsive in politics. Eventhough they try really hard.

So yea i believe in politics. If you vote you can be sure there is someone out there that is sticking out for you. Thats a comfortable thought, for me.
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:13 PM) :
You’re online gaming name is Des-Nino, you always used this name ?
DN*DEA (3:15 PM) :
I never really cary that name 🙂 i don’t like it to be honest

Nino is Spanish for kid, and Des is short for Destruction. I play under dn most of the time tho
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:15 PM) :
Hehe, what other names did u used.. I remember you as sirlof.. (ore something)
DN*DEA (3:16 PM) :
Yea Sirolf. That is Floris turned around.

Well and that is it. I never really changed my name alot.
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:16 PM) :
Hhaha.. That’s a good one, to be honest hehe..

What other things you do, besides, sitting behind the pc, checking all forums..
DN*DEA (3:19 PM) :
Well, casual thing i suppose, i like listening to music, watching soccer, playing soccer, watching movies, i care about art, i like to read book, i like architecture, i see movies, i like to make good diner for people, i like to eat good food, i go to school. well thats about it.
DN*DEA (3:19 PM) :
i said movies twice
DN*DEA (3:19 PM) :
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:19 PM) :
Haha.. so that impress that you really like movies, you got a favourite one ?
DN*DEA (3:23 PM) :
Everyone will name something they have just seen, i don’t really have a favourite movie. I like to see movies that are not made for the big public, alltho there are some good movies between that aswell. So i tend to look out for “art-house-movies” if that is an internatinal term.

Also i’m very bad at remembering titles. 🙂
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:23 PM) :
any genre you really like ?
DN*DEA (3:25 PM) :
I guess i’m really open in that. I like everything basicly. accept really corny movies with ‘true happened’ stories about devorces, diseases and other famaly stuff. And horor, well just doesn’t appeal to me.
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:26 PM) :
Aha, well back to online gaming we go..

What online games you play ?
DN*DEA (3:27 PM) :
df2 😛
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:27 PM) :
and bhd
DN*DEA (3:27 PM) :
not really
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:27 PM) :
If you can call.. (are allowed more than 1), players in DF2, which ment alot for you.. who where they.. and why
DN*DEA (3:33 PM) :
Well first of all, i’m not that much of a chatting guy. If i want to meet people, i don’t go and play an online game. imo, that not the most important thing in DF2. So only few know me at all.

I guess in df2 Devious meant alot to me, cuz for all 3 years we more or the less kept in touch. Herkulez, well cuz he is simply a nice guy. And the some goes for you. I guess those are the people i talked with most.

Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:34 PM) :
what squads were you in in DF2 ?
DN*DEA (3:39 PM) :
I started off in 422. It was a pretty talented group of people back then, with Devious, Jester (Payload), cj (crazy joker). And some more names that won’t ring bells for anyone. That was in that very same tkoth server. Alot of those same talented people left tho, and so did i eventually. Then i got to a squad called -DS- together with some spanish guy we kept that going on and about a year. After that i joined a squad called ae2, quite a good squad, but not to long after i joined it disbanned, and got invited for DEA 🙂
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:40 PM) :
And there we end up all
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:40 PM) :
some short questions
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:41 PM) :
excluxive Dinner ore Fastfood
DN*DEA (3:41 PM) :
Exclusive dinner
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:41 PM) :
Cook you’re self / ore going for a exclusive dinner
DN*DEA (3:42 PM) :
cook yourself, more fun.
DN*DEA (3:42 PM) :
and some quality :p
DN*DEA (3:42 PM) :
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:42 PM) :
For what they can wake you up, in the morning ?
DN*DEA (3:44 PM) :
hmm, they can wake me up if the house is on fire.
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:44 PM) :
For nothing else…? everyone, they can wake up for something specials
DN*DEA (3:44 PM) :
okey.. vacation 🙂
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:45 PM) :
What is ur biggest dream…
DN*DEA (3:48 PM) :
well, i don’t know. dreaming is noce cuz everything is possible. but if you dream alot, reality stinks 🙂 I just want things to work out like they should, and on the long term.. well maybe i’ll write a book some day, or i will get into politics.
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:49 PM) :
To be honest, i think you’ll do good in politics . Personally i’ve thought about it also..
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:49 PM) :
So from now i gonna call you Jan-Peter Balkenende
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:49 PM) :
If i gave you a travel ticket, where do you want to go to.
DN*DEA (3:49 PM) :
You may
DN*DEA (3:52 PM) :
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:53 PM) :
Marriage, ore just living togheter
DN*DEA (3:54 PM) :
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:54 PM) :
You have a GF ? ore ?
DN*DEA (3:54 PM) :
i don’t have a GF
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:55 PM) :
do you believe in love at first sight ?
DN*DEA (3:56 PM) :
Not really 🙂
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:57 PM) :
McDonalds ore Burger King ?
DN*DEA (3:57 PM) :
we don’t have a burger king in Apeldoorn:)
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:57 PM) :
In the village where i live, we got neither ahhaha
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:58 PM) :
what do you think of the Euro, do you think, live has become more exspensive ?
DN*DEA (4:02 PM) :
Thee is no room for thinking. Things got more expensive. Especially in bars\pubs\resaurants..

The Eruo is not some failed experiment, imo. The advantages for you and me are not that big, unless your on vacation. for companies its a whole different story, especially for countries trading within’ Europe. I’m not an Economist, nor do i kow alot about it. But if you want to move on to one Europe, the Euro is a good step forward.
Fìêrçé²*DEA (4:02 PM) :
i agree.
Fìêrçé²*DEA (4:04 PM) :
What do you dislike the most ?
DN*DEA (4:05 PM) :
People that judge about people or things while they really got no clue.
Fìêrçé²*DEA (4:06 PM) :
What is the best in holland ?
DN*DEA (4:09 PM) :
Well, the best in Holland is yet to come. 🙂 It will be the day that people realise that the country we live in, with all its history, and wealth. Can be even more rich, when we are open to other cultures that live amongst us. Multi-cultural is not a bad thing 🙂
Fìêrçé²*DEA (4:10 PM) :
What do you think about all the racists things, lots of people calling out
DN*DEA (4:11 PM) :
racism is stupid. thats even to many words wasted to it.
Fìêrçé²*DEA (4:12 PM) :
What do you think, it’;s bad for holland ?
DN*DEA (4:14 PM) :
Racism? Well it can’t be good, thats for sure. But i guess its not really the ‘country’ being the victim, but more the person.
Fìêrçé²*DEA (4:14 PM) :
that i think aswell. not a country, but more, a person thing
Fìêrçé²*DEA (4:15 PM) :
Are you religious?

DN*DEA (4:16 PM) :
Not really. I want to believe there is more to life then just this. but logic tells me there is no such thing.
Fìêrçé²*DEA (4:16 PM) :
What do you think of drugs ?
DN*DEA (4:19 PM) :
i don’t care what someone does to himself. aslong as you don’t bother me with it. or someone else.

drugs are like cars. everyone can ride a car if they want to. but when they start being a danger for others, someone should stop him or her.

(There should be clear restriction in age and quality tho)
Fìêrçé²*DEA (4:20 PM) :
what about the more upcomming, illegal streetraces
DN*DEA (4:22 PM) :
no thats just wrong. people are under influance of alcohol and drug, they are using a public street, and they are speeding on it. ‘streetraces’ is just another word for being careless, and putting people in danger.

For things like this they got some thing called carting.
Fìêrçé²*DEA (4:23 PM) :
well i saw a thing of it, on TV, not all, are under influance, of drugs ore alcohol. Alot of them, are doing it for the thrill. The thrill of beeing caught of the police, the speed.. the excitement, can you understand that
DN*DEA (4:26 PM) :
To be honest no. speed, excitement, those thing are avalable elsewhere.

seeking thrill in challanging the police? not my thing i guess.
Fìêrçé²*DEA (4:27 PM) :
Okey, new subject if you could be granted 3 wishes, what would you wish for?

DN*DEA (4:31 PM) :
I would wish,
1. World Health
2. No more poor poeple
3. Worldpease

it would be wrong to wish for anything else. i guess.
Fìêrçé²*DEA (4:32 PM) :
We’ve been talking now for more, than 1 30 hour.. guess, we are out of questions, would you like to add something ?
DN*DEA (4:33 PM) :
i don’t think so. 🙂
Fìêrçé²*DEA (4:33 PM) :
You better haha
Fìêrçé²*DEA (4:33 PM) :
I promised, last intervieuw, that you would be the next one.. so here it ends
DN*DEA (4:34 PM) :
phew. I was so affraid you’d ask about that one thing…
Fìêrçé²*DEA (4:34 PM) :
which one ?
DN*DEA (4:34 PM) :

Fìêrçé²*DEA (4:35 PM) :
Yes, there is something what i’m forgetting..
Fìêrçé²*DEA (4:35 PM) :
about what (this is not gonna be in the intervieuw)
DN*DEA (4:35 PM) :
🙂 i was just kidding Fi, you missed the irony
Fìêrçé²*DEA (4:36 PM) :
i’m loosing the sharpness 😉
DN*DEA (4:36 PM) :
Fìêrçé²*DEA (4:37 PM) :
*Puts his, pen and paper back in his bra.. and throw down his dress again*.. walking away to his next customer