An interview with Deadly*DEA… Who is this lad? They say he’s belgian, but since when is that a nationality? or is it? Read on!

Name: Jeremy Moulin
Location: Diegem, Belgium
Age: 20 (13-02-1989)
Member Since: 02-09-2007
Current: *DEA WOW Member (2007-….)
Position: Council
Past: *DEA COD4 Member (2007-2009), *DEA AoC Member (2008)

[23:26] Eric*DEA – 3R*: ok 😀 I haven’t prepared anything and it just popped up in my mind “Let’s do an interview”… sooo for the people who don’t know us: Hello, I’m Eric who are you?, I’m Eric who are you?

[23:27] Deadly*DEA: Hiya, I’m Deadly, DEA CoD4 CO and recent new member of the council.

[23:27] Eric*DEA – 3R*: Since when?

[23:28] Deadly*DEA: I’ve been CO since that start of this year which was in january 2008, started my time as a council member today, 23th of november 2008.

[23:28] Eric*DEA – 3R*: Nice nice, what did you do before you joined *DEA? What’s your history? Your past?

[23:30] Deadly*DEA: Before DEA, I was a lonesome lost pup really. Nah, in all seriousness, I was a teenager looking for some people to game with, which all started back in the days of Raven Shield and Call of Duty 1 playing for the small unkown teams, just to have fun really. Progressively I found out how online gaming could be and ended up finding a warm housefire in DEA.

[23:31] Eric*DEA – 3R*: I dislike dogs, means I dislike puppies too.

[23:31] Eric*DEA – 3R*: Anyway I heard you once played World of Warcraft, can you tell us more about your WoW time? =)

[23:33] Deadly*DEA: Back then, I’d have told you that it’s a great game, and that I’m not an addict! Now, I’m happy I got rid of it.. However, it is the game which has made me discover DEA and therefor will always hold a special little place in my memories. I prefer games including blowing peoples heads off now, but it’s a matter of taste really.

[23:33] Eric*DEA – 3R*: I play a lot with you so I know you have an ‘hard-on’ 24/7, how’s it to live with that?

[23:35] Deadly*DEA: Haha! It’s great realy! And handy too! I can fold my towels over it! However, it does get problematic once you need to wear pants though..

[23:35] Eric*DEA – 3R*: Ah I see, I’m sure that will attract some girls? Or no luck? 😛

[23:36] Deadly*DEA: Girls? Hell no! That’s trouble man, I’d rather be a no-lifer with a hole in my matress >=D.

[23:36] Eric*DEA – 3R*: Oh oh oh! :O

[23:37] Deadly*DEA: It’s exactly what I say on those special times..

[23:37] Eric*DEA – 3R*: How old are you btw and where do you live?

[23:37] Deadly*DEA: I’m a 19 year old punk living in godforsaken Belgium, soon to be a 20 year old punk, still living in godforsaken Belgium.

[23:38] Eric*DEA – 3R*: When is your birthday?

[23:38] Deadly*DEA: 13th of February 1989

[23:38] Eric*DEA – 3R*: Ah nice, mine is on 9th of January 🙂

[23:39] Eric*DEA – 3R*: So back to the Call of Duty 4 division, what’s so cool about it? Do you like it? Since you are the big boss of the division.

[23:40] Deadly*DEA: I love it! Having darted between modern warfare (in the days of Raven Shield, the Tom Clancy series) and WW2 games (CoD, CoD: UO, MoHAA etc) the game caught my attention and I’m still as passionate about it as I was day 1. The division itsself took a while to start up, but with help from several people, we managed to do it and are now proud of where we stand, meaning I’m proud of being the leader.

[23:54] Eric*DEA – 3R*: What has been your best moment in *DEA so far? and what has been your best match? Or in other words, what match do you rememeber the best?

[23:55] Eric*DEA – 3R*: While you reply on that I’ll go get a drink 🙂

[23:58] Deadly*DEA: My best moment in *DEA… tough one… I’ve had a lot, but I can say that I’ve loved the time where I could tell the guys we would compete in Euro Domination once more… Shortly followed by a very successful season, which just added up to my happiness. However, the match I’ll never forget was one well before that, we played a Euro Domination team called Crazy Warriors (|CW|) which were one of the top teams back then. I was sniping on Bloc with a Dragunov, most probably the most entertaining match I have had, although many came really really close :).

[23:59] Eric*DEA – 3R*: We’ve seen pictures of you being at the last *DEA party, you sure enjoyed it didn’t you?

[00:00] Deadly*DEA: A time I will never forget and for sure, I will try to attend every year I can attend, not only do you visit another country, but at the same time you see your friends, you talk with them and you actually get to know people more on terms of friends then actual squadmembers.. It’s great.

[00:00] Eric*DEA – 3R*: Was it exciting to meet other *DEA members from other divisions?

[00:01] Deadly*DEA: Yes, and it’s awesome to be in contact with everyone. Some people would say it’s just a geekfest, but I can assure you that it’s mutch, mutch more then that.

[00:02] Eric*DEA – 3R*: Hehe 🙂

[00:02] Eric*DEA – 3R*: Recently we saw the COD4 division brought in the 1st awards for the division, what are your predictions on the future? Do you believe in more success in terms of awards?

[00:05] Deadly*DEA: I would say yes. But ofcouse it all depends on how we stand at the time. I never made the mistake to underestimate anyone, nor will I start doing so. who knows, perhaps the resistance will be fierce next season?

[00:06] Eric*DEA – 3R*: Indeed, you’ll never know and you should always be prepared. Also playing without the need to win seems to have been a great factor in our recent succes doesn’t it? Since our goal was being active, getting an award was just a cool addition for the 1st season right? So all in all our expectations where blown away.

[00:07] Deadly*DEA: Indeed, the surprise was ultimate, and the happiness afterwards aswell ;).

[00:08] Eric*DEA – 3R*: Hehe, do you have any hobbies? Interests?

[00:10] Deadly*DEA: Aye, I’m a big media fanatic, meaning, I love movies & music, Oldies music will never die in my ears and a movie will always deserve a vieuwing chance. I also am a loving gamer, obviously and I’m also loving several things about history and mythology of several cultures. I also collect ancient japanese weapons & information about them.

[00:12] Eric*DEA – 3R*: Ah nice, I myself love great music too and a good movie 🙂 Next to that I love greek history or even before that and the egyptian history. I’ve a passion for Alexander and Ramses for example hehe.

[00:13] Eric*DEA – 3R*: Anyway, we’re coming to an end of this lil’ chat soonish

[00:13] Eric*DEA – 3R*: One more serious question

[00:14] Eric*DEA – 3R*: If you look at *DEA in this time, right on this moment. How do you judge the interaction between the active divisions. Do you think it should improve? And what do you think of the *DEA Council, what’s their job anyway? I heard they are just sitting on their lazy asses? At least I know for sure Al Bundy does! Haha 😛

[00:20] Deadly*DEA: I do think communications between division could be improved and it is my intention to find something that could make this happen, the *DEA party already does it but nothing happens to keep it going afterwards. I think the *DEA council really is good, all it lacks is a little spark and a breath of fresh air, the job of a council member is to debate and continiously try to find new and better ways to improve and make *DEA a suitable home for gamers of any taste or preferences while also at the same time, keeping things in order and make sure *DEA members feel at home and enjoy their time here. I wouldn’t go as far a saying the council is sitting on their lazy asses as there is more to it then just that, Herkulez, who is single-handedly pulling the ropes of World of Warcraft for 3 years now, doing an amazing job with lots of perseverence and Al Bundy, keeping the website updated & adding new features every week, giving CO’s new tools to be able to manage their divisions better and Dirtbag also doing his very best to open new divisions and expand *DEA’s horizons, we sure as hell ain’t doing nothing! All we need, is a breath of fresh air.

[00:21] Eric*DEA – 3R*: I was just joking however 🙂

[00:22] Eric*DEA – 3R*: Anyway, got something to say? a last little word?

[00:23] Deadly*DEA: Well, for all you lost pups out there, join us! *promote, promote* And well, I believe being a part of DEA is a pride more then a privilege.

[00:23] Eric*DEA – 3R*: Hehe very true! Well thanks for the chat we had, now if you excuse me I can head over to bed and please the miss in this house 🙂 Good night!

[00:24] Deadly*DEA: Thank you for the intervieuw! 🙂 Good nigh