Al Bundy

Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:32 PM) :
*after a long time of darkness.. the hot shemale woke up… and while in search of his new piece of meat…. this guy came across his way*

Hi i’m Rody aka Fierce, who are u?
Al Bundy (2:33 PM) :
Hi I am Al Bundy. In real life my name i Klaus.
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:33 PM) :
not many inside dea knows u.. Only by name.. why is that ?
Al Bundy (2:34 PM) :
Maybe because I do not play games as much as I used to. I mainly work behind the scene now.
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:35 PM) :
so ur not playing much online games.. (on match level).. what did u used to play ?
Al Bundy (2:37 PM) :
I started out in DF2, and, well that was my main game. I played some LW as well and I also played some JO. I have mainly played matches for DF2. I liked to play RTCW as well, and I can be found on the battlefield there, and also on BF1942.
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:38 PM) :
when did u joined dea, and why…
Al Bundy (2:41 PM) :
It all started when my nephew (Schenton) and myself were fooling around on DF1 maps. We used to play 1vs1 through modem. Later I bought DF2 and one evening, when I was tired of playing singleplayer maps, I decided to try that mystery button called “play online”. I found that TKOTH was fun and was playing on T8 when one day some strange dude asked me my ICQ number. It was Herkulez. We talked some and he asked me if I was interested in joining DEA. I thought “Why not” and was introduced to the clan. It was April 6th 2000. Well I have been stuck ever since.
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:43 PM) :
if u see on ur records,.. (personal records).. u haven’t been that active.. (match based)…
what did u do back than ? u always have diffrence in active players by playing and u got guys who are doing things on the background… were u like that ?
Al Bundy (2:46 PM) :
I was yes. I became match co for DF2. I arranged a lot of matches. I used to sit with my spreadsheet figuring out which maps to play, favorite colours etc. Matches were often planned late at night and when I changed hours at work and started to work from 6.30 in the morning I did not want to sit up playing matches to after midnight. We were busy at work at that time so I needed the energy. I was usefull arranging matches in stead.
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:46 PM) :
so basicly u arranged everything.. but u never played….
Al Bundy (2:47 PM) :
Exactly. I did play some times but mostly just arranging.
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:47 PM) :
if i check on me.. i love to play… I would miss it when i cannot play… What do u attracks so much to the games u play.. ore which u compete in
Al Bundy (2:48 PM) :
You mean what do I like in the games I choose?
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:48 PM) :
Al Bundy (2:51 PM) :
In JO, and BHD I had hard time seing the enemy. I just did not find that very fun. It was easier in DF2. Also in RTCW I am in love with the small maps. Also in COD as well. You are instantly in the battle when respawning. In BF1942 I just like the game play. The maps are very big but you have the option to get a jeep and drive to the action. It is not my favorite game though. I also like the teamwork in the games.
Al Bundy (2:52 PM) :
But running and running to the battle just to get shut and then running and running again is not fun to me
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:52 PM) :
hahahaa.. small maps, alot of action
Al Bundy (2:53 PM) :
Yes. When we played DF2 I was mostly camper. When I found a spot I often went to make coffee, set up other matches etc 😀
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:53 PM) :
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:53 PM) :
what aspect in the game attracks u to online gaming
Al Bundy (2:56 PM) :
The challenge I would say. I am playing against other “real persons”. Shooting at someone who react different than even the best computer processor would not do. Running and jumping. The thrill and exitement when you win a map. It is fun. I am just having a good time playing and there are no preassure that I do need to win a match.
Fìêrçé²*DEA (2:58 PM) :
so u have the olimpic thought competing is more importent than winning ?
Al Bundy (2:59 PM) :
No if I play a match I play to win. But If I just play for myself I play to try to win but still have fun if I don’t.
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:01 PM) :
as all online gamers has a private life… what is urs… What kind of job do u have irl
Al Bundy (3:03 PM) :
I develop computer programs for a bank. I work in the department called SWIFT which is the main gateway for sending messages between banks worldwide. So you could say that the last year i have been working 8 hours programming, and when I got home, additional 6 hours programming for DEA.
Al Bundy (3:03 PM) :
I like programming. I like to see that what I create can be used by others.
Al Bundy (3:04 PM) :
It is very creative work
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:04 PM) :
so ur a programmer ?
Al Bundy (3:04 PM) :
Al Bundy (3:05 PM) :
I was working in a branch at first. I did that for 15 years when I got the chance to be a developer.
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:05 PM) :
how many springs are u atm ?
Al Bundy (3:06 PM) :
I am 40. One of the old guys 😀
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:06 PM) :
OMG>>>> almost the same age as Herk..
Al Bundy (3:07 PM) :
Well actually a bit older but don’t tell him. I look younger though
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:07 PM) :
what hobby’s do u have more besides, programming ?
Al Bundy (3:09 PM) :
My main hobby is Titanic. I have spend hours reading books, watching movies and go to exhibitions. I have contact to the 40 most leading Titanic researchers worldwide. It is great fun. I research the Danish aspect of the ship as well, and i am building a model of her. 2 meters and 79 centimeters. It takes up a lot of space. Becides that I like photography, but I have just started that hobby.
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:10 PM) :
what in the titanic.. interest u ? why the titanic
Al Bundy (3:15 PM) :
I have always liked ships from I was a child. One day my English teacher read a part from a book called “A night to remember”. A passage taken place just after the ship struck the iceberg. I went to the library to pick up that book. Then I just got more books. I got interested in the old Ocean Liners. I thought they were very beautiful. In fact the first ship I tried to build was the Queen Mary. I knew of Titanic at that time of course. When they found her in 1985 I just started to read more and more about her. I am mostly interested in the anatomic of her.

The quote I have in my sig is the conversation taking place just after the “3 bell warning” between the lookout and the bridge.
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:17 PM) :
Moody: “What did you see?”
Moody: “Thank you”

Al Bundy (3:17 PM) :
Al Bundy (3:18 PM) :
It took almost 3 years to build her and less than 3 hours to sink her.
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:19 PM) :
what is ur opinoin about the titanic.. about how and what
Al Bundy (3:23 PM) :
It is hard to judge the 1912 standard by the 2005 standard but errors were made that night. It was common that the faster you sail, the faster you get out of trouble. Noone but the press had the opponion that “not even God could sink her”. Sailors knew she was sinkable, and that nothing was unsinkable. She was just constructed so the worst thinkable catastrophe “Collision at a bulkhead” would not sink her. Noone thought of the fact that a third of the ship would be opened to the sea.
Al Bundy (3:24 PM) :
The collision was not aviodable. The berg was spottet too late. But the officer on the bridge did what he could and was almost successful. He never rang full astern as the movie shows. That would have been pointless.
Al Bundy (3:24 PM) :
And the captains actions after the collision contributed to the worse.
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:25 PM) :
alright just some questions to check if ur really know alot about that boat.. as u claim
Al Bundy (3:25 PM) :
But it is somehow thoughtful that the sistership who was build after Titanic, and with more improvement, sank in just 30 min.
Al Bundy (3:25 PM) :
Okay I will stop now 😀
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:26 PM) :
hahahaaa lol
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:26 PM) :
Howmany peopel were on the titanic
Al Bundy (3:26 PM) :
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:26 PM) :
howmany died
Al Bundy (3:26 PM) :
1503 dead
Al Bundy (3:26 PM) :
the rest survived
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:26 PM) :
howmany survived
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:26 PM) :
.. just to check
Al Bundy (3:26 PM) :
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:27 PM) :
the movie Titanic, with leonardo di caprio and that girl…. Was that true.. ore not
Al Bundy (3:29 PM) :
No it was not. It was unthinkable that a 3rd class person and a 1st class person would socialise. 3rd class persons were locked away from the rest. There were a “Jack Dawson” on the ship but he was a stoker. You would be amazed how many people put flowers on his grave and he would proberly too if he knew
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:29 PM) :
so the story titanic… is bs ? (themovie)
Al Bundy (3:30 PM) :
Yes. But the setting is correct mostly
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:30 PM) :
but the 2 people never excisted
Al Bundy (3:30 PM) :
Al Bundy (3:30 PM) :
It is just a romantic story on a tragic setting
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:31 PM) :
aha… so there was never.. “ohh jack.. u can see people”…. “ohh twat i see u”

The only line i can remember of that movie
Al Bundy (3:32 PM) :
No but the line that catch me the most is the Old Rose” saying: “1500 people ended up in that frezing water. There were 20 boats nereby and only one returned……” That is the painfull truth
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:34 PM) :
why only 1 of the 20 boats.. what is ur opinoin.. (gonna b ethe last questions about the titanic 🙂 )
Al Bundy (3:36 PM) :
Most boats left the Titanic half full. People would not leave willingly. Most of them in the first boats were first class people. When they were safe I think they had the feeling that now we are safe we should not risk anything. They were proberly affraid to be swamped. But Rose’s mother says it when she is leaving the ship: Are they being filled according to class, and I hope they are not too crowded.
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:37 PM) :
Al Bundy (3:37 PM) :
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:37 PM) :
alright titanic ends here.
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:37 PM) :
Short questions 🙂
Al Bundy (3:37 PM) :
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:37 PM) :
Who in ur life (online gaming life) ment alot for u
Al Bundy (3:38 PM) :
Shold I pic one I would say Herk dude. He is the only one from the start.
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:39 PM) :
Who in ur life (online gaming life) u have alot of respect for and why ?
Al Bundy (3:39 PM) :
But it is more DEA than an individual
Al Bundy (3:41 PM) :
Noone special. I respect those who burns for what they do and is not affraid to tell their oponion, and can give and take critic.
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:42 PM) :
Fast Food ore exclusive dinner
Al Bundy (3:42 PM) :
Exclusive dinner.
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:43 PM) :
Btw, are u married, gf, bf ore singel?
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:44 PM) :
(had to ask from herk)
Al Bundy (3:44 PM) :
single and for Herk: I am looking for a gf. I hope I don’t dissapoint him 😀
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:44 PM) :
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:44 PM) :
kids ?
Al Bundy (3:44 PM) :
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:45 PM) :
programming ore websites
Al Bundy (3:45 PM) :
To me same thing. Our website is programmed.
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:45 PM) :
nahhh lol choose
Al Bundy (3:46 PM) :
website then
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:47 PM) :
titanic ore iceberg
Al Bundy (3:47 PM) :
I like lettuce so Iceberg 😀
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:47 PM) :
Al Bundy (3:47 PM) :
But when I am stuffed i like to read about Titanic 😀
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:48 PM) :
Reading about the titanic ore watching a docu.. about titanic
Al Bundy (3:48 PM) :
Watching a docu because they often have new material from the wreck
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:50 PM) :
if i could grant u 3 whishes, which 3 would u do
Al Bundy (3:51 PM) :
1: be good at what I do, 2 visit the wrecksite and 3: Do you have a sister? Preferable around 30.
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:52 PM) :
i got a brother around 28
Al Bundy (3:52 PM) :
Tempting but naaaaaaaaaaaa
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:52 PM) :
what is ur ulimate dream ?
Al Bundy (3:52 PM) :
then just put 3: make me rich
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:53 PM) :
what is ur ulimate dream ?
Al Bundy (3:53 PM) :
Just to be happy.
Al Bundy (3:54 PM) :
I know it is vague but it is a hard question
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:54 PM) :
I know it is
Al Bundy (3:55 PM) :
What I dream of today is not what I dreamt of yesterday but I would say: Be successful, have lots of friends and a carring family. In short, to fill the empty spots in my life.
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:55 PM) :
very nice saying
Al Bundy (3:56 PM) :
Tnx 🙂
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:56 PM) :
well my questions are done… Do u ahve something to add ?

Al Bundy (3:57 PM) :
Not really. I enjoyed this.
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:57 PM) :
Hehehe.. Alrright than we are done.

Al Bundy (3:57 PM) :
Fìêrçé²*DEA (3:58 PM) :
*after taking abuse of his next victum, he pulls himselfs back to dark… in waiting of the next victum*
Al Bundy (3:58 PM) :
*Al Bundy zips up his pants and walk away with a smile* 😀