DEA]tZ*: Hi my name is Andreas Holst(TarZan) ! We know you as 3at*DEA but that is your real name?

3at: No its not my real name.

[DEA]tZ*: Hi my name is Andreas Holst(TarZan) ! In DEA we know you as 3at, but that is your real name?

3at: No its not, my real name is Yannick Sleeckx.

[DEA]tZ*: Where does Yannick live and how old are you?

3at: I live in some getto in antwerp and i am 29 years old.
3at: Belgium, Antwerp

[DEA]tZ*: What do you do for a living?

3at: I pwn noobs.
3at: But i also work as a maintenance techician for a public transportation company. But thats just a side job :p

[DEA]tZ*: Side job what is your real work then?

3at: Pwning noobs

[DEA]tZ*: Ahhh i see
[DEA]tZ*: You live alone or with your family?

3atr: That means you

[DEA]tZ*: lol

3at: I live together with my girl in an appartment.

[DEA]tZ*: With your dog right?`whats the name of the dog?

3at: My girl is human, but yes i also have a dog but do we really need to go over thet subject?
3at: that*

[DEA]tZ*: If you dont want we dont have to.
[DEA]tZ*: In 24-10-2006 you joined DEA what made your choise coming to DEA? If im not misstaken you left [AIR] For DEA why?

3at_the_pwner: I actually left DEA for [AIR] before that happened. My reasons for coming back to DEA was because i felt in need for a new challenge and wanted to help DEA win prizes in edom.

[DEA]tZ*: You have now been in DEA for 4 years. What does it make you stay so long? Not for i want you to leave but something it must be for you that you stay so long?

3at_the_pwner: I like the atmosphere and the people here. Theres always something to do here but lately our efforts in cod4 slowed down somewhat due to people leaving. Fortunatly theres always someone that tries to put some effort in to keep going and i think thats the reason DEA has been running for so long.

[DEA]tZ*: Someone you speciall think on?

3at: You are obviously the first name tha tstrikes my mind. However i must admit that over the course of these last 4 years many people should get credit for making DEA what it is now including myself.

[DEA]tZ*: I had no hesitation on that Yannick and yes many people should have credit what they have done for DEA.
[DEA]tZ*: YOu have played COD4, Modern Warfare2, Battlefield 2, World in conflict i think the name was. Dont remember what more you have played. Black ops. What do you think is the best game you played and why?

3at: I value teamwork in a competitive enviroment. So far only cod4 qualifies for that in my book. For pure fun factor its gonna be black ops. It remains to be seen if we can play black ops competitivly, but atm its not even close to cod4 and needs a load of work. Maybe with the proper support from the devs but only future will tell.

[DEA]tZ*: Ok some more questions then im done.

3at: k

[DEA]tZ*: Tell me some good memory you have from COD4.

3at: Hard to tell because there are so many good moments but if i have to pinpoint one then i would like to bring up our most recent league cup victory in edom. We ended up in the lower brackets after losing our first match and then made a superb come back all the way up into the final against that same team. I believe it was against Exp clan.

[DEA]tZ*: Yeah lost the first match with 13-11 when we had to start with 1 man down for a few rounds. Then in Finals we smash them with a 26-14 win.

3at: indeed, its still fresh in your memory

[DEA]tZ*: Yes
[DEA]tZ*: I dont think i have more on my mind to ask you but i have 3 fast questions i want to ask you then i think im done.

3at: Yea, lets make it fast cause my beer is in the freezer atm. I dont like ice beer

[DEA]tZ*: lol
[DEA]tZ*: Meat or Fish?
3at: Meat
[DEA]tZ*: Vodka or Wiskey
3at: Vodka
[DEA]tZ*: James Bond or Steven Segal
tZ*: You never seen the James Bond movies? Then you missed something. Start with Dr.No thats the first 1.

[DEA]tZ*: Thx for you time Yannick hope you are okey with the interview.

3at: I hope you edit out all the crap parts so i dont look like a noob lol

[DEA]tZ*: Hope your beer will taste good =).

3at: Yeah it will. Thanks to you aswell you did good