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Player Name: KONG
Inteviewer: Fr

Fr*DEA (2:40 PM) :
*the girl walked again towards the next customer, it's has been a while ago... but that doesn't means she forgot how to do it*

*puts pencil and notebook*

Hi i'm Rody aka Fierce, u are ?
KONG (2:42 PM) :
Hi there, I am John aka KONG...KONGA BONGA!!!
Fr*DEA (2:42 PM) :
I heared, u lived in the jungle of the United States.. is that correct
KONG (2:43 PM) :
Roger that good buddy. I reside in Dallas, Texas.
Fr*DEA (2:44 PM) :
Texas--> always thought about Cowboys.. ur a cowgirl ?
KONG (2:44 PM) :
No steers or queers in my future! :)
Fr*DEA (2:44 PM) :
Tell me kong, what does online gaming means in ur life
KONG (2:45 PM) :
In my life? It is my life! Next to family it is the most important thing to me.
Fr*DEA (2:45 PM) :
euhmmmm.... did i already said u had to tell the truth
KONG (2:46 PM) :
Fr*DEA (2:46 PM) :
where was the beginning of Online gaming..
Fr*DEA (2:46 PM) :
Where was the start.. .. ur start
KONG (2:49 PM) :
Well...It all began when I bought a game call Delta Force 2. I had already played Delta Force and beat the game. So I decided to buy number two. When I installed it I found out that you can play against real blew my mind when I logged on for the first time! :)
Fr*DEA (2:49 PM) :
So u found out about online gaming urself ?
KONG (2:53 PM) :
Yup! I played the old console stuff from when I was a kid, so I have stuck with games threw out my life! Online computer gaming was just the next step. Started playing on Liquefied Dog's , my brother, computer. Started with warcraft and warcraft two then worked my way to first person shooters. It didnt take long to come across the novalogic games.
Fr*DEA (2:53 PM) :
So u've been playing DF series for quit some time now.. What online games do u play ?
KONG (2:55 PM) :
Currently I play Black Hawk Down , BHD: Team Sabre and waiting on a good mmorpg to play.
Fr*DEA (2:56 PM) :
which online game u played (in ur online gaming history).. Was the best.. In ur eyes
KONG (2:58 PM) :
Well I would say Delta Force 2 was the best! Even tho I havn't played it in over a year. I have had the greatest time in that game.
Fr*DEA (2:59 PM) :
u've played quet some matches... do u have also one, which u will remember for always?
KONG (3:04 PM) :
My favorite match was when my old team {TS}, The Sect, beat =KOH= in LW TKOTH! We tried to beat them for over six month and it was a goal of mine since we first met them in Delta Force 2! We came real close in every match but when we finally beat them it was recognition to me that we were the best....if only for a day! :P
Fr*DEA (3:04 PM) :
KOH... who were they , never heared off
KONG (3:05 PM) :
Knights of Honor I don't know their whole history but they were great in DF2 and Land Warrior
Fr*DEA (3:05 PM) :
hehe... how old are u?
Fr*DEA (3:06 PM) :
i heared some rumors ur as old as herkulez
KONG (3:07 PM) :
Take Herks age and divide it by two...just kidding I am 25!
Fr*DEA (3:07 PM) :
well herk is about 100+.. so that would make u 50
KONG (3:08 PM) :
Fr*DEA (3:08 PM) :
u r married ?
KONG (3:08 PM) :
Fr*DEA (3:08 PM) :
gf ?
KONG (3:08 PM) :
Which one? :)
Fr*DEA (3:08 PM) :
the one u see the most ?
KONG (3:09 PM) :
Relationships last about tow weeks with me...they just don't like the games! :(
KONG (3:09 PM) :
Fr*DEA (3:09 PM) :
Fr*DEA (3:09 PM) :
kids ?
KONG (3:09 PM) :
Fr*DEA (3:09 PM) :
mayby a litte chimp.. ore somthing
KONG (3:10 PM) :
Just about every Dog I have ever had has died...why would I want a kid?
Fr*DEA (3:10 PM) :
to spread ur seeds
KONG (3:11 PM) :
hehe I have enough seed spread out on my keyboard! :)
Fr*DEA (3:11 PM) :
so ur mostly post a sticky announcement
Fr*DEA (3:12 PM) :
Besides Online gaming u got hobby's ???
Fr*DEA (3:12 PM) :
(no spreading seeds) that will not count
KONG (3:14 PM) :
I work , eat, sleep and play games.....every now and then a chick will be thrown into the mix but its usually just work, sleep, eat and play!
Fr*DEA (3:14 PM) :
spread seeds
Fr*DEA (3:15 PM) :
What kind of work do u do.?
KONG (3:15 PM) :
That falls under start delay in matches! HEHE
KONG (3:15 PM) :
I deliver newspappers
Fr*DEA (3:16 PM) :
Aye cool, so ur such a guy, which using a bike, and throw the papers.. on the lawn of the people.. see that in some movies.

Fr*DEA (3:19 PM) :
Is there, ore was there in ur gaming history some guy, who was an example to u ? If yes, who and why
KONG (3:19 PM) :
Tsk Tsk! I usually threaten to punch people when they say something like that! I am a "Paperman" not a "paperboy" I deliever to stores and those coin machines every night! The days of bicycles are over...
Fr*DEA (3:19 PM) :
Pff im bigger than u.. U Bully
KONG (3:19 PM) :
Fr*DEA (3:19 PM) :
Is there, ore was there in ur gaming history some guy, who was an example to u ? If yes, who and why
KONG (3:20 PM) :
I have a big ego so I would have to say I have inspired myself along the way but some people do impress me from time to time!
KONG (3:21 PM) :
Fr*DEA (3:21 PM) :
so there wasnt never a special guy...
KONG (3:21 PM) :
You make that sound gayish! :P
Fr*DEA (3:21 PM) :
Fr*DEA (3:22 PM) :
so there wasn't a guy/girl... where u looked up to ?
KONG (3:24 PM) :
Not really! I mean I have enjoyed some friendships these past five years but I never idolized anyone....
Fr*DEA (3:24 PM) :
not even herkulez ?
KONG (3:27 PM) :
Me and Herkulez has a long history from back in the DF2 days...the birth of DEA spawned out of a love hate relationship with my team,=JRKS= , and Herks team, *3MC, of the time! When I broke from the Jerks Herk and I became friends!
Fr*DEA (3:27 PM) :
So he's ur example right ??.. U alwaysliked everything what herk did and do right ?
KONG (3:29 PM) :
No! He is more or less a friend among a long list of friends that may have contributed to my gaming life in some small way! Told you I had a big ego! :P
Fr*DEA (3:29 PM) :
I have a big penis so ???
Fr*DEA (3:29 PM) :

KONG (3:29 PM) :
Fr*DEA (3:30 PM) :
hahhahaa... Ding-dong
Fr*DEA (3:30 PM) :
let's do some fast questions:

Fastfood - exclusive dinner
KONG (3:30 PM) :
Taco Bell #10 Chicken Stuffed Burrito, Nachos and a drink
Fr*DEA (3:31 PM) :
Fr*DEA (3:31 PM) :
wtf is a Taco Bell
KONG (3:31 PM) :
Mexican Food
Fr*DEA (3:32 PM) :
Texas - the rest of US
KONG (3:32 PM) :
Fr*DEA (3:33 PM) :
Cowboys ore Cowgirls
KONG (3:33 PM) :
Cowgirls with no chaps! :)
Fr*DEA (3:33 PM) :
Bush Jr ore Bush Sr
KONG (3:33 PM) :
KONG (3:33 PM) :
John Kerry
Fr*DEA (3:33 PM) :
What do u think of Politcis
KONG (3:33 PM) :
Fucktards and con artists
Fr*DEA (3:34 PM) :
So u like communists !!!
Fr*DEA (3:34 PM) :
Bush is a retard..
KONG (3:34 PM) :
As long as it isnt contagious! :P
Fr*DEA (3:35 PM) :
Fr*DEA (3:35 PM) :
BHD ore TS
KONG (3:35 PM) :
TS, BHD is gay :)
Fr*DEA (3:35 PM) :
DF2 ore TS
KONG (3:36 PM) :
JO will be worst then both..IMO
KONG (3:36 PM) :
Fr*DEA (3:37 PM) :
yeah JO>. lol
Fr*DEA (3:37 PM) :
Movie ore ..
Fr*DEA (3:37 PM) :
a video
KONG (3:37 PM) :
Fr*DEA (3:38 PM) :
what movies do u l ike
KONG (3:38 PM) :
Is this one of those gay gaging quizes? :P
Fr*DEA (3:38 PM) :
Fr*DEA (3:38 PM) :
Debbie does dalles
KONG (3:39 PM) :
All time favorite is the original Star Wars Trilogy
Fr*DEA (3:39 PM) :
GAAAAY :-) u like Darth Vader in Leather
KONG (3:39 PM) :
new stuff like Matrix stuff and the comic book movies like Xmen are good too
KONG (3:39 PM) :
I knew it.....Matrix has leather too :(
Fr*DEA (3:39 PM) :
or Dirty Dancing
Fr*DEA (3:40 PM) :
but in the matrix it's a girl in Latex, and Star Wars isn't U gAY
KONG (3:40 PM) :
lmao....It has one chick in the movie....I am gay :(
Fr*DEA (3:40 PM) :
WE know.. don't worry
Fr*DEA (3:42 PM) :
DEA ore TS
KONG (3:43 PM) :
I miss my TS guys but I am with who I want to be with now so...DEA
Fr*DEA (3:43 PM) :
where are the old TS guys at ?
KONG (3:44 PM) :
COD and CS
Fr*DEA (3:44 PM) :
so none stayed in the DF series
KONG (3:45 PM) :
Not that I am aware of, but you never know who is who in DF!
Fr*DEA (3:45 PM) :
hahhaha.. agree that mate
KONG (3:45 PM) :
Or...who is doing what to who! :P
Fr*DEA (3:45 PM) :
Btw what squads were u in ?? in ur past Online gaming serie
KONG (3:46 PM) :
=JRKS= formed in DF2 Tourney 8 team
KONG (3:46 PM) :
Triad was mainly a fb team
KONG (3:46 PM) :
The Sect mainly a tkoth team
KONG (3:46 PM) :
and dea
Fr*DEA (3:47 PM) :
they are gay.. lead by a more gayer person.. *cough* Herk *cough*
KONG (3:47 PM) :
I would agree but I never see him play anymore! :P
Fr*DEA (3:47 PM) :
I heared he build up his own dynasty... something in leather
Fr*DEA (3:48 PM) :
he produces something for movies ore something
KONG (3:48 PM) :
hmmmmm leather... :)
Fr*DEA (3:48 PM) :
Motor cycling ore Car driving
KONG (3:48 PM) :
Car driving
Fr*DEA (3:48 PM) :
A special car ore ? just a car
KONG (3:48 PM) :
This is Texas...Trucks
Fr*DEA (3:49 PM) :
hehe, what kind of truck..what brand
KONG (3:49 PM) :
I would drive any of the Ford F-series
Fr*DEA (3:49 PM) :
hehe, the Vovlo NH with nose
KONG (3:50 PM) :
Fr*DEA (3:50 PM) :
well i'm outta questions atm.. u have anything to add ?
KONG (3:51 PM) :
It was nice talking with you and I look forward to ass raping you in the battlefield....* with you
Fr*DEA (3:51 PM) :

*puts his pencil and paper into her bra and walked away*
KONG (3:52 PM) :
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