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Player Name: Oden
Inteviewer: Fr

Fr*DEA (2:38 PM) :
*after having his 5th customer, he walked up to his next one, Pulls his pink dress up, and grabs a taperecorder out of her panty's*
*press rec*

Hi i'm Rody aka Fierce, who are you ?

Alex (2:39 PM) :
hello i'm Alexander
Fr*DEA (2:39 PM) :
aka Oden lol
Fr*DEA (2:39 PM) :
Where do you come from?
Alex (2:40 PM) :
well I from chile.. was adopted from there to cold SWEDEN
Fr*DEA (2:40 PM) :
ohh, i never knew that, how old were you when you got adopted ?
Alex (2:41 PM) :
lol like 3 months.. so have no memory or something like that..
Fr*DEA (2:41 PM) :
just like me i was 2 1/2 so i don't have memories
Fr*DEA (2:42 PM) :
how old are you now?
Alex (2:42 PM) :
i see but u got the wrong contry.... u should come to sweden =P

Alex (2:42 PM) :
21 years old!!
Fr*DEA (2:43 PM) :
do you like sweden. ?
Alex (2:43 PM) :
Yeah its ok.... so have no complains about it yet =P
Fr*DEA (2:44 PM) :
what do like the most in sweden?
Alex (2:45 PM) :
eum a hard question... dont know really.. its all good here....i think
Fr*DEA (2:46 PM) :
all? what do you like the most, and what do you dislike the most of sweden.
Alex (2:47 PM) :
most......omg... lol too hard questions... but most good....the weather.. and dislkie....eum.. too many angry ppl
Fr*DEA (2:48 PM) :
haha.. You're playing online games, which online games you play
Alex (2:50 PM) :
DF2 mostly.. and just a little... LW... Renegade... MoH well thats all.. but DF2 rocks!
Fr*DEA (2:50 PM) :
how long do you play df2 ?
Alex (2:51 PM) :
not sure... too long thats for sure =P think 4 years or so...
Fr*DEA (2:51 PM) :
how did it started ? the online gaming ?
Alex (2:53 PM) :
a buddy that was playing DF2 dont know if u know him "Boozer in ZTV"... and then i got a crack of the game,...and couldnt stop playing it
Fr*DEA (2:53 PM) :
What squads were you in ?
Alex (2:55 PM) :
well lets see if i remeber..... ~FWF~ HTAe *B* Rap =W= =HTM=.... thats what i remember now..... sorry if i missed one or two
Fr*DEA (2:56 PM) :
You squad hopper
Alex (2:56 PM) :
Fr*DEA (2:56 PM) :
RAP.. Sir Rans squad..
Alex (2:56 PM) :
yep but he was kinda weird
Fr*DEA (2:57 PM) :
why ? i always liked him, he helped me out with everything
Alex (2:57 PM) :
lol well he was like always pissed at the games... so... lol well was no teamspirit or how i should say......
Fr*DEA (2:58 PM) :
hahaha... he was a bit temperad..

You've been in dea, now for pff. almost one year,.. right ?
Alex (2:58 PM) :
yeah seams like it
Fr*DEA (2:59 PM) :
what in DEA, is you;re best memory ?
Alex (3:01 PM) :
What i can think of right now is still the fb match.... when i got int the flag i the last minute or so... dont remeber what match it was
Fr*DEA (3:02 PM) :
aye, when DN said, if someone has to do it, only you can ore something you used it in ur tag rght ? that was on Terror dome.
Alex (3:02 PM) :
yeah thats the one... =P
Fr*DEA (3:03 PM) :
what match in ur, total DF past, is the most memorable one.?
Alex (3:05 PM) :
omg.. eum... thats verry hard.. think when i i was in rap.... and we begun at 00:00... and stoped at 07:30.. and then it was school after but it was fun =P
Fr*DEA (3:06 PM) :
and what kind of match was it.. I had one at FWF, simular to that one. 7 maps played
Alex (3:06 PM) :
that was a ctf match
Fr*DEA (3:06 PM) :
against who ?
Alex (3:07 PM) :
lol that i dont remeber it was a little too long ago for my memory to know that.. but i know that we won
Fr*DEA (3:07 PM) :
Hhha, that's the most importent.
Fr*DEA (3:07 PM) :
But now the main question.
Alex (3:07 PM) :
Fr*DEA (3:07 PM) :
The question, everyone wants to know.
Alex (3:08 PM) :
i'm ghey? =)
Fr*DEA (3:08 PM) :
MUPP. Everyone is typing it, using it, saying to eachother, though only 3 persons knows what i means.
Fr*DEA (3:08 PM) :
who are the 3 guys, which know the meening of this word
Alex (3:08 PM) :
i dont use mupp i just use mpp...
Alex (3:09 PM) :
3 ppl.. lol do i know them???=)
Fr*DEA (3:09 PM) :
hahha, Max, You, and me
Fr*DEA (3:10 PM) :
max told me, long time, ago, that i had to say mpp against you.
Alex (3:11 PM) :
ohh.. well i'm not so sure that i sould say it ... sooo its best if it is untold... so all ppl can try to find the answer...
Alex (3:11 PM) :
well Mpp is my personal word...
Fr*DEA (3:11 PM) :
Hahhaa.. oki, than we keep it that way... I think mpp is a personal word for eveyone,.. tbh.
Alex (3:12 PM) :
its everything u want it to bee.........................
Fr*DEA (3:12 PM) :
and it can be anything what you want it to be
Alex (3:12 PM) :
no comments ;)
Fr*DEA (3:13 PM) :
Alex (3:13 PM) :
hehe ur the wannabeee
Fr*DEA (3:14 PM) :
you're the wannabee
Fr*DEA (3:14 PM) :
Tell, me, what do you do besides, Online gaming ?
Fr*DEA (3:14 PM) :
*and spamming like shit*
Alex (3:15 PM) :
LOL wh00t...=P
i'm unemployed... or how it spells..... playing floorball.. and drink to get funny.,... and just softing download some porno also.. but hey... who dosent.. =P
Fr*DEA (3:16 PM) :
floorball ??? explain ?
Alex (3:18 PM) : we go again... lol its like icehokey... but no skates... and no biggy muscles.. =P u have a ball.. and keeper.. and trying to and then one that do the mosty goles wins..=) that how i would explain it.. but i dont know how other Mppets would say....
Alex (3:21 PM) :
u understood or was it too boring that u feel asleep? =)
Fr*DEA (3:24 PM) :
lol, no i needed to help my father, he has some trouble, with kazaa lol
Alex (3:25 PM) :
lol like.. finding the porn?
Fr*DEA (3:25 PM) :
It's like iceyhocky, but not skates and no muscles,.. hmm so what is left than ??
Alex (3:25 PM) :
what is left is floorball....
Fr*DEA (3:26 PM) :
Hmmmm... 7 players with a stick ???
Do i have to leave the ice ore ?
Alex (3:27 PM) :
lol yea.. 5 players.... with golie... and just trying to get the little ball into the goal
Fr*DEA (3:27 PM) :
but ??? on the ice ? ore ?
Alex (3:28 PM) :
ohh lol nah no ice... inside
Fr*DEA (3:29 PM) :
so, inside football ?
Alex (3:30 PM) :
lol with sticks and a little ball...... u dutch crasy mpp...
Fr*DEA (3:30 PM) :
hmm. so inside hocky. (like fieldhockey) in holland ?
Alex (3:30 PM) :
fieldhockey.. lo neverheard of it =P
Fr*DEA (3:31 PM) :
hockey, is where holland is really good in :-P
Alex (3:32 PM) :
holland.. only heard they good at fotball... never hard anything else about holland... about its.. some good places there ;)
Fr*DEA (3:32 PM) :
Do you like football ?
Alex (3:33 PM) :
yeah its fun as hell but u can get hurt as hell also =(
Fr*DEA (3:33 PM) :
what injuries you'll get the most on floorball ?
Alex (3:34 PM) :
foot injuries... and lol some bruses or something...
Fr*DEA (3:36 PM) :
What was the worstet injurie you had ?
Alex (3:38 PM) :
eum a stick in the head.. near the eye.. so it looked like i had been a fight had a scar from the eye and down...
Fr*DEA (3:38 PM) :
a stick ??? what did youdone ??? you have 2 hit the ball with the stick not ur head, do i have to say everything to you
Alex (3:39 PM) :
lol well it was a little fight.. =P always get a little ruff on the matches...
Fr*DEA (3:39 PM) :

Is there a misses oden ?
Alex (3:40 PM) :
not now...
Alex (3:40 PM) :
just have some "lovers"
Fr*DEA (3:40 PM) :
So you're gay ?
Alex (3:41 PM) :
hahahah WTF!! lol u talked to herk jarod and thor now?
Fr*DEA (3:41 PM) :
Nope, with none.. just found out myself
Alex (3:42 PM) :
lol which time.. when i was at ur house.... last week.. or.. somtime later??
Fr*DEA (3:42 PM) :

Fr*DEA (3:42 PM) :
How did you got on the name Oden ?
Alex (3:44 PM) :
always been intersting whit nordic Gods.. and lol thinked that..Oden was cool
Fr*DEA (3:44 PM) :
It is..

If you can name, some people which ment alot for you're self, in the DF world community, which person.. you always looked up. to ?
Alex (3:47 PM) :
looked up too... lol
well.. guess ur the first!! =)..... Jarod..... Thor...... DeathAngle... sycofly.... lol harty.. the little rap biatch ;) thats the ones....i think
Fr*DEA (3:48 PM) :
DA, was a special man :-)
Alex (3:48 PM) :
lol yes he is.....little to much norwegian over him though =)
Fr*DEA (3:49 PM) :
Hahhaha.. Some short questions now.

Alex (3:49 PM) :
oki doki
Fr*DEA (3:49 PM) :
Fastfood ore dinner
Alex (3:49 PM) :
Fr*DEA (3:50 PM) :
going out for dinner ore cook you're self
Alex (3:50 PM) :
cook myself
Fr*DEA (3:50 PM) :
what do you like to cook ?
Alex (3:51 PM) :
soup... and beef with potatoes... lol burger and just some sallads..
Fr*DEA (3:52 PM) :
do you live alone, ore with you're parents ?
Alex (3:52 PM) :
Fr*DEA (3:52 PM) :
if i gave you a travel ticket, where would you go to
Alex (3:53 PM) :
what kind of travle u mean.. a getting drunk travle.. or a just photo traveling
Fr*DEA (3:53 PM) :
A flight ticket.. to any destination, you want to.. where do you wanna go to
Alex (3:55 PM) :
well if getting drunk 24/7.. then bulgaria.... just for taking it easy...dunno.. maybe Holland... =)
Fr*DEA (3:55 PM) :
Fr*DEA (3:55 PM) :
if you can grant 3 whishes, which ones will you do?
Alex (3:57 PM) :
some kind of Peace
more happy ppl..
more df2 player.. lol dunno.,..
Fr*DEA (3:58 PM) :
what do you attrect to df2 ?
Alex (3:59 PM) :
lol dunnoo... the "friendship" u get when joinin.... lol to talk some shitty stuff
Fr*DEA (4:00 PM) :
we are talkting now for more than 1 1/2 hour.. and i definatly need to dump something
Fr*DEA (4:00 PM) :
is there anything you would like to add, what we have forgot.. ore ?
Alex (4:01 PM) :
not what i know.. just i have a questin.. u know how many Mppets there is in DEA?
Fr*DEA (4:01 PM) :
abut 100
Fr*DEA (4:01 PM) :
i would guess
Alex (4:01 PM) :
Fr*DEA (4:02 PM) :
Oki, so we will end it now ok ?
Alex (4:02 PM) :
lol if u dont wanna talk shit for more min =)
Fr*DEA (4:03 PM) :

*puts rec off on the taperecorder*
*and walkes to a cab, and drives away from customer nr 6*
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