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Player Name: Carbon
Inteviewer: Deadly

Whilst semi-snoozing on his fishing pole, our reporter extraordinaire seems to have caught a big fish. After a little battling and pulling he reels in an odd little man with a strangely similar smell to his previous catch. Intrigued, he frowns. "Who the hell are you?!"

lol where the hell u get all that shit from! im fine m8 and how are you today ?

It's called imagination, something you seem to have MISSED in your childhood! Could you introduce yourself to our loyal readers?

just be memory is really short and i never figured out who is who after all these years hahahahaah
ofc im Herks brother Carbon the impossible

So that's the smell...
The impossible you say? Where does this title come from?

just made it up haha

I see, self-bestowing titles runs into the family, such as Herk the Immortal and Carbon the Impossible. Do you have more disturbing similarities to your brother we should be warned about?

woot? well i hope not! I only mention he's my brother since its impossible to run away from
he's big and lazy...straight opposit of me u know!

Interesting! Now, you have been a long and honorary member of DEA. Could you tell us a bit of how it all began for you?

yes but like i said my memory is total shit rofl
well it started out in DF2 on my 14.4 modem. Thats even before Herk knew there was anything called internet
i just loved playing on those Novaworld servers
after some time i was invited into a clan called *TNP (Take No Prisoner) with members i already played with daily so it seemed natural to be with them
Herk then started to play online aswell and he formed some other friends...chessking and sweetcheeks if remember correctly hehe
chessking then formed a clan with herk and some other and our 2 clans played against eachother
for a long time its a long time ago LOL 10 years

I can imagine, your memory is quite detailed for being shit.

well when Herk talks about it i cant recognize anything of what he says lol

But then again, who does?

but eventually i was a part of DEA ofc
exactly!! glad someone is agreeeing with me finally! he always dismisses me with "u cant remember shit!"
TNP went poop when i left and some others went AFK. so most merged to DEA and been there ever since.

Some years passed in between and eventually, just like your brother and many more, you got your name in the Hall of Fame. How was that for you when you found out?

that was quite weird tbh...i went afk for a while and in the meantime i saw my name on the board and started missing it Lotte sadly didnt come back (she returned to the real world she says ROFL)
but Herk never told me directly...i saw it for my self
but i was proud aswell hehe
its funny how you dont think about the impact you can have in this virtual world i remember going back to DF2 after a long time of DF-LW and ppl still remembered me lol

All the names on there are very deserving, do you feel there's a name missing on that panel?

damn its a hard question! im glad its not up to me hehe ...there's so many already on the board im sure i forgot some but cant really come up with anyone...
Maybe GrusomDK for his loyalty and long time in DEA

It does indeed deserve credit. Devotion and loyalty are just as important as performance and hard work.

Let's hear some more about you. How old are you, what do you do in life, what do you enjoy other then online gaming?

hmmm hehe ok
well im 32 years young and i work for Telia Mobile in Denmark. I work as a Mobile Technician supporter.
its kinda crazy we are 2 atm supporting telia's 1.4 mill customers with stuff customer care cant figure out lol
in my free time i play 3 Cushion Carambole (Billard) wich most have no idea what is
i did train with one the best in the world Brian Zola Hansen but he moved on to another club to make some money on it again :9
other than that i watch movies and listen to music and clean my beutifull car

Deadly*DEA zegt:
Talking about playing games. You being scandinavian, you must know Kubb. What is your insight in this folk game?

hahaha i hate that game!!
even more i hate those i played with the last time!

its a tricky game!!! u think u know it untill a finaly throw and they just change the rules to fuck with u!
and then you about that for the rest of your miserable life!
next year i better idea what i can do with the stick and some of the players!
are u there? did u fall down the chair!

I'm very interested in seeing what this will bring.
I never fall! I'm floating! In my zen zone!

haha nutty

Well, I believe I have done my job in introducing you more to the public. Is there anything you would like to add or ask?

hmm not really...except i think ppl should know i was tricked in that game Kubb!

You cannot be tricked in missing on the vital throw causing the other team to win. Don't MISSlead the people!

but they told me we could loose while i was throwing if i didnt hit it!
thats a trick!!!!

Having finished his strange babble, he unhooks the struggling little man and plunges him back into the rubber pool he was fishing from... Who know who will be next?
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