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Player Name: Herkulez
Inteviewer: Deadly

Deadly*DEA :
Hello and welcome to the stage of DEA's prime interviews! My name is Deadly and I'm happy to welcome Herkulez back here with us. So how are you feeling?

Herkulez*DEA :
Fine as always.. added with alot of smileys
Get used to it.. its how I emo

Deadly*DEA :
I suppose we all have our turn-ons and yours are smiley faces. 7 years ago, you recieved your first interview with Fierce, how do you feel that one went?

Herkulez*DEA :
I survived it but ask me about stuff in that... and you get a "I can't remember"
ffs 2 smileys in that short sentence

Deadly*DEA :
You have been a part of DEA for over 10 years and have been branded the Godfather of DEA, how do you feel about this title?

Herkulez*DEA :
I havn't heard "godfather" beeing used tbh so its hard to respond to that.

Deadly*DEA :
It was stated in the previous interview, age seems to get to you .

Herkulez*DEA :
I knew I should have opend that interview and browse it lol

Deadly*DEA :
In the past 7 years since, the gaming world has changed for a lot of people, including yourself. How do you feel DEA evolved with it?

Herkulez*DEA :
Thats a tough question and deserve a long ass answer and can only be as I feel as you put it but ya, out of my 10 years then its been fastest the last 7 and which is maybe why i turned to World of Warcraft after 5 years with first person shooter games..... I started in df2 and that lasted like 2 years? then dflw lasted 1 year, bhd same and JO maybe 6 month.... games today seems to rock on for 6-
12 months and then are trashed for a new... so hard to keep what I prefer.. continuenity (sp), so I would say DEA evolved good the first 4 years but went into hibernation really after with lack of commitment, activity and dedication with a few exceptions of people and games
Can't say DEA WoW evolved.... time went by, new guys came in when others left... its the same game as 5 years ago.. I just like contiuenity

Deadly*DEA :
It is indeed very difficult to keep one single game shining as long as it used to in the df2 days. Though some efforts were made and should be noted as you said yourself.
How did you handle the transition from being a FPS gamer to an MMO, which slowed the pace down quite a lot I presume?

Herkulez*DEA :
very slow... I never experienced any MMO before so it was very new for me.... which made it so awesome

Deadly*DEA :
So you took it upon yourself as a challenge more then a change of pace?

Herkulez*DEA :
No, I took it as a relaxing way of game... my ideas of a challenge more goes to the aspect of a team

Deadly*DEA :
DEA WoW division has had a hell of a lot of ups and downs, yet it's still standing. How do you pull it off?

Herkulez*DEA :
Thats the silly part I feel... its not like its an achievement.... its more beeing stubborn and stick to it... I feel its so easy to build and maintain teams as long as I manage to be active myself... the periods where it went down was because I became more inactive.. and thats the real shame.. because it only shows that so few really care about DEA
Ive said before and I can say it again.... any day I would be interested in a new game, fps or whatever.. I could build it up and make it run for years without seeing it as a huge accomplishment
But for me its alot about giving jobs and tasks to others... get them involved, but I also pretty early attempted to split most jobs up in smaller areas ppl get worn out by jobs and tasks

Deadly*DEA :
In those years, people have shown up leading divisions and eventually burn out over time(3at, myself etc etc), is there anything you'd like to tell those people and/or potential future division leaders?

Herkulez*DEA :
well im kind of arrogant when it comes to such... I measure people by the length of their reign and not the amount of worth they (feel) they put into it I ain't so sure about 3ats or your work to comment on it really... but I rather say... I have heard so many times from people who worked for example 3 months on a team and fail.. and then feel like they did everything they could
Thats so hollow in my ears... to new people and to those who fail after 2-4 months... just don't start unless you really want it and are prepared to do it for a long time... and make sure you involve as many as possible with jobs
Sadly most just ain't prepared to do it for the long run... most prefer to search the internet for future games.. I think that search is more intestesting for many rather than the games itself

Deadly*DEA :
That is a very strong message and it should be taken at heart by the people willing to start something up. Now this next one could be a little tricky, but DEA hit rock bottom a while ago and seems to slowly get back on it's feet. How do you see DEA and yourself in say.. 3-5 years time?

Herkulez*DEA :
That part of DEA you refer to are DEA-HQ I assume. It did hit rock bottom and has been there since but we still have DEA WoW which have run since 2005 with 95% active and progressing time, big and little progress... And its great to see that even BHD is dead, then DEA BHD ain't, they are more active than the game itself and thats very good.... and DEA COD division have showed a good activity all
the time more or less
Our problems are some overall structure with the lack of people for a general council. Al Bundy stopped after beeing alone for many years and i would say the rock bottom hit was when he left.
Its scary that througout 10 years then we have had so little potential for real council members lol I think max 10 was worth that promotion

Deadly*DEA :
Do you believe there is room to work on this or that it will sink once the remaining few games burn out?

Herkulez*DEA :
It depends on us who still are around on dea-hq and have been for many years... I think as long as us who never thought about a new team are around... DEA-HQ will stay. But its so hard to answer.... I know that as long as I will play games in some form then DEA-HQ will be up. There are others as well I feel.... but they are less active and more on and off.... I can't start to mention names
cause i would forget to mention half lol

Deadly*DEA :
I believe we both hope for the list names to grow bigger as time passes.

Herkulez*DEA :
Idd but I ain't naive when it comes to loyality towards DEA
and its not easier these times when we have so little games, activity to offer

Deadly*DEA :
And so you shouldn't be. I have come to the end of my questions, Is there anything you would like to add/ask yourself?

Only to ask people online to both be more serious and more relaxed.... more serious reg. person issues and more relaxed reg. ingame issues IF that made sense

You heard it from the godfather! Think more of the people and less of the virtual issues! This was Deadly reporting from DEA studios.
Thank you for accepting this interview, Herkulez, and it was an honor to be the one to perform it. You can now put your pants back on.
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