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Player Name: Sting
Inteviewer: Fr

Fr*DEA 18:30 *Pulls down his bra, grabbed a pencil there, meanwhile, he took a notebook, out of his hotpants and starts writing*

Fr*DEA 18:30 Hi i'm Fierce aka Rody, u are?

Stinger 18:30 Sting aka Daniel

Fr*DE 18:31 Hi sting, is it sting ore stinger ?

Stinger 18:31 whatever u like, it started out with stinger but since im lazy it ends up with sting :)

Fr*DE 18:32 Hmm.. Lol.. i heared all Danisch people are lazy

Stinger 18:32 that can be true since the part of sweden i live in use to be denmark some hundred years ago heheh

Fr*DE 18:33 So there are ur roots :-D

Fr*DE 18:33 How old are u sting..

Stinger 18:33 Im 32 but feels alot older

Fr*DE 18:33 Omg...

Fr*DE 18:33 32... omg

Stinger 18:34 lol

Fr*DE 18:34 Ur almost as old as herkulez

Fr*DE 18:34 omg

Fr*DE 18:34 ohh my... Lol..

Stinger 18:34 hahahahaha

Fr*DE 18:34 U have a beard ? a long white one ?

Stinger 18:35 na just goat or whatever it calls

Fr*DE 18:35 Rofl.. He you had other names before Sting?

Stinger 18:35 maybe i shouldn't have mentioned goats *Coy will go crazy*

Fr*DE 18:36 Sting, i guess so.. but herk is getting turned on quit fast aswell.

Fr*DE 18:36 so let's move on to the next questions.. cause if we don't.. some monitors in Danmark will be more whiter than ever

Stinger 18:36 lol

Stinger 18:36 No started with that name back in df1 5 or 6 years ago

Fr*DE 18:36 U start playing in DF1 ?

Stinger 18:38 yes, with some friends from work....we started a squad called =HH= Then I moved on to play on =HEAT= + some more squads after that

Fr*DE 18:38 tell me where was the roots for u, in online gaming?

Stinger 18:38 u mean what i started out with?

Fr*DE 18:39 Where was the roots howcome u starting playing online games

Stinger 18:41 had just bought my first computer when a friend showed me df1........loved the game from the first minute and couldn't stop lol That showed on the phonebills back then HUGE

Fr*DE 18:42 haha, i can talk along with u, i had high
phonebills until last februar

Stinger 18:42 easily get's out of hands lol

Fr*DE 18:43 hahahaa.. and which online games u play more ?

Stinger 18:44 after df1 i was tricked into play lw witch i hate........sorry all u lw players heheh then i moved on to TFD and had alot of fun until BHD was released.

Fr*DE 18:44 well i agree on LW

Fr*DE 18:45 Really what a sucky game :-D

Stinger 18:45 lol

Fr*DE 18:45 though the Game is great

Fr*DE 18:45 u can't disagree on that.

Stinger 18:46 true ;-)

Fr*DE 18:47 c'mon ... the game is really great.. only the graphics are shit.. the sound of the weapons is shit, the explosions are shit.. the characters are shit... the general sound is shit... but further more it's a great game

Stinger 18:48 hmmm, what is left to be great? heheh ok, all games can be fun it depends if u have fun with the guy's u play with....and I had alot of fun in LW

Fr*DE 18:49 yeah agree mate, the people which u play with are very importent...

Fr*DE 18:49 what attrackts u the most in online gaming ?

Stinger 18:50 like we just said........some laughs with the ppl u play with and some times u can get a heartattack in an intense match..........just love it when it's even to the last second

Fr*DE 18:51 u have any memorialable match.. ?

Fr*DE 18:51 a match which u will never forget ?

Stinger 18:51 yea, have a few

Fr*DE 18:52 well...? the people WANTS to know

Stinger 18:54 but the match with =HEAT= in df1 against
gns......was DFWorld semifinal in CTF was 2-2 in maps and very close in last map when we ran in the winning flag 3 sec from end. that was big :-P

Fr*DE 18:54 heartattack i gueess ?

Stinger 18:56 yea couldn't breath the last 2 min of the
match.....acting like a fool at work the day after rambling about the match and no one understood a smck lol

Fr*DE 18:56 Hhahaahaa.. hahahaa..

Fr*DE 18:56 what kind of work do u do ?

Fr*DE 18:57 ur a gigolo ?

Stinger 18:57 im at a place that makes cellphones.......mostly siemens but also Sonyericsson and Nokia

Stinger 18:57 wish I was lol

Fr*DE 18:57 hmm which Herks' sells... hmmmmm..

Stinger 18:57 lmao

Fr*DE 18:58 what do i have to think about that.. ur robbing the half magasin, emty.. and herk's selling.

Stinger 18:58 yea that could work out....thanks for the tip :-P

Fr*DE 18:59 is there a person which was importent for u.. Now i mean in the online gaming world ?

Stinger 19:03 I made some good friends over the years but I have to say Hock who was co in HEAT cuz I meet this guy in real life and he was just as cool as I imagine him to be and very nice ;-) He was also the person who learned me to think before acting in df heheh

Fr*DE 19:04 Is there a misses Sting.. and childern Sting ?

Stinger 19:06 yes not mrs sting but we been together for 15 years so.....and I have 2 children Sting Jr who is 8 years and a little Stingy(girl) who is 10 months

Fr*DE 19:06 Hmmm not a Little sting.. of about 20 with blond hair, and big b00bs.... ??

Stinger 19:07 no but Im looking..............u know a good
place to look?;-)

Fr*DE 19:07 Hmm... Goats ?

Fr*DE 19:08 u can find them on the farm

Stinger 19:08 *jumps in the car and drives away faaaast*

Fr*DE 19:09 Hahaha... He u got any other hobby's than online gaming ?

Stinger 19:10 yea, fishing I do whenever I have time and the weather allows it. To be out and just hear some waves and some seagols or how u spell that bird heheh

Fr*DE 19:11 seagols ?

Fr*DE 19:11 seagols ?

Fr*DE 19:11 ur Drunk ?

Stinger 19:12 hahahahah, I don't know how it spells...........white, big noisy seabirds

Fr*DE 19:12 euhmmm Kong ?

Stinger 19:12 muhahahahahahah

Stinger 19:13 the swedish word is fiskms......:-/

Fr*DE 19:13 U just heared on TS2, that Kong has a Piercing through his... Pe*nis... what do you think of guys with piercings

Fr*DE 19:13 Ohhh fiskms now i know.. what it is

Stinger 19:14 If the like it it's cool with the girls like it heheh I have tattos myself so.....

Fr*DE 19:14 what kind ? and where.

Stinger 19:14 hahahaha......that was for the scandinavian readers

Fr*DE 19:16 what kind of tattoes u got

Stinger 19:16 on my upperarms so far............a bulldog, a wierd head of some sort and then a big tribal

Fr*DE 19:16 Let me guess on ur back a : fiskms?

Stinger 19:17 but a fishing friend of mine got BIG fishes all over his

Fr*DE 19:17 omg..... and that;'s ur friend ?

Stinger 19:18 yea, very funny guy........makes all those wierd tattoes when his drunk

Fr*DE 19:20 must be swedisch i guess.

Stinger 19:20 yup

Fr*DE 19:20 So ur fishing alot, ur the new Rex... ?

Fr*DE 19:20 Stings-fishing hunt on discovery channel

Stinger 19:20 omg.........I wish i could take those trips he does

Stinger 19:21 lol

Fr*DE 19:21 hahahahaa.

Fr*DE 19:21 oki, some faster questions

Fr*DE 19:21 fast food, ore exclusive dinner?

Stinger 19:21 exclusive

Fr*DE 19:22 fish ore meat

Stinger 19:22 fish

Fr*DE 19:22 pink fish ore white fish

Stinger 19:22 pink I guess

Fr*DE 19:23 bamboe hengel (dunno how u say it) ore werphengel

Stinger 19:23 that's worse than seagol.........try again lol

Fr*DE 19:24 salmon ore fiskms

Fr*DE 19:24 :-D

Stinger 19:24 lol

Fr*DE 19:24 BHD ore TS

Stinger 19:24 TS in BHD maps then :-D

Fr*DE 19:25 Hahaha.. nono, u have to pick

Stinger 19:25 TS..........still alot to learn in ts

Fr*DE 19:25 TS ore DF1

Stinger 19:25 TS

Fr*DE 19:27 Euhmmm.

Fr*DE 19:27 Lol

Stinger 19:27 hehehe

Fr*DE 19:28 motor cycling ore car driving

Stinger 19:28 motorcycling

Fr*DE 19:28 Schumacher ore Roberto Valentini

Stinger 19:28 think my gf is furious, she's been yelling about dinner for over an hour now :-/

Stinger 19:29 Schumacher

Fr*DE 19:29 heheh almost done :-)

Fr*DE 19:29 Hmm got a gf.. hmmm..

Fr*DE 19:29 Is she cute ?

Stinger 19:29 lol don't worry she just trow out the food :'-(

Fr*DE 19:30 hahha. well oki,there are some more questionswhich i had, but we will do that another time..

Fr*DE 19:30 we will round this one up. ok ? than u can go to dinner

Stinger 19:30 no no.........i got time

Fr*DE 19:30 ROFL HAHAHAH, and ur gf ?

Stinger 19:31 she's use to it after all these years with DF :-D

Fr*DE 19:31 Hahaa. yep Online gaming is a part of ur life.

Stinger 19:31 sure is

Fr*DE 19:33 what do you think what happend in madrid recently

Stinger 19:34 it's horrible.........all those innocent victims
:'-( But it happens all kind of terrible things over the world and I think we will see alot more of this in the future

Fr*DE 19:35 how do you see the future, you believe in live on other planets?

Stinger 19:36 there must be, we can be the only ones evolved over all these billions of years

Fr*DE 19:36 yeah i think so also.

Stinger 19:37 hope I live the day they show us solid proof

Fr*DE 19:37 yeah.. that wha thappend in madrid can happen everywhere.

Stinger 19:38 yes...........that's the scary part, can't feel
safe anywhere

Fr*DE 19:38 certainly what happend now in Palestina...

Stinger 19:39 yes

Fr*DE 19:39 where does it ends...

Fr*DE 19:39 anyway.. back to the online gaming

Fr*DE 19:39 what squads were u in ? from the begin u started

Stinger 19:41 oh my ...ok here goes, =HH= HEAT AOD -fr- us sos R][P ewe and now DEA :-D Im sure I forgot some

Stinger 19:42 I usally stays til the squads disband ;-)

Fr*DE 19:42 hehe, so no squadhopper.

Stinger 19:43 no, Im very picky in what squads I join.............cuz if i join i plan to stay

Fr*DE 19:45 i have the same, that's someting good

Fr*DE 19:45 well i'm almos out of questions.. you have something to add ?

Stinger 19:46 not much 1 thing tho.............ur pretty good at this, hope u get paid ;-)

Fr*DE 19:47 Hahaha.

Fr*DE 19:47 Well, to be honest .. it's Des-nino's job. to do this !!!!!

Stinger 19:47 ok :-)

Fr*DE 19:47 hehe.. than i would like to say only 1 thing

Stinger 19:54 u fell asleep lol

Fr*DE 19:54 No u. lol

Fr*DE 19:54 i was the one with the last question

Stinger 19:54 lol

Fr*DE 19:54 Fr*DEA (7:47 PM) : hehe.. than i would like to say only 1 thing

Fr*DE 19:54 have anice dinner

Fr*DE 19:55 *puts back his pencil + notebook, and went to the next customer**

Stinger 19:55 ok ty Rody;-)

Fr*DE 19:55 *puts back his pencil + notebook, and went to the next customer**
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