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Player Name: –eviÝus
Inteviewer: FžÍrÁť≤

FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:06 PM) :
**Was walking over the street on the side of the street**
*at the end was his new customer**

Hi, I'm Rody aka Fierce you are ?
–evious (2:06 PM) :
Jan-Jaap aka Devious
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:06 PM) :
Hi JJ Where do you come from ?
–evious (2:07 PM) :
Uhm like you didn't know, I'm from the lowlands
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:07 PM) :
Well it's also our little childrin will see this intervieuw, and they don't know.. where Daddy Devious comes from :-)
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:07 PM) :
So you come from the stunning country called netherlands.
–evious (2:08 PM) :
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:08 PM) :
How long do you play online games.. where was the start.. how did you enter the community which called.. online gaming

–evious (2:10 PM) :
I started online with DF2 about 4 years ago, a friend of mine told me about DF2 and that his bro and family played the game also but my first thought about it wasnt that good so I didn't play it anymore a half year untill I went to my new school and met a great friend who played DF2 for 422 and that's where the story started
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:11 PM) :
So the start was 422. What other online games you play ?
–evious (2:12 PM) :
Untill a half year ago nothing cause my shitty 28k Cable Wanadoo couldn't handle more but now I play BHD alot also.
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:12 PM) :
so only Df2 and BHD, atm..
–evious (2:12 PM) :
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:13 PM) :
So you've been playing quit some time DF2 now. What is it, in DF2 which attracks you so much. This bc it's a very old game.. and there are alot of new ones
–evious (2:14 PM) :
The gameplay, the maps, everytime you play it you get so many memmories...
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:14 PM) :
Do you have a special match in memory ?
–evious (2:15 PM) :
[L] vs *BOP* in a best of 5 match we won with 3-2 and a point difference of like 3
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:16 PM) :
guess it was TDM :-)
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:16 PM) :
Is there a misses Devious.. ore baby devious ?
–evious (2:16 PM) :
Yea but even with guy's like Demon, Strider, Pelles playing we still had a hard time hehe
–evious (2:17 PM) :
No I'm 19 and I work a bit to much at the moment
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:17 PM) :
You're 19, still at school ? what kind of ? and what do you want to become, when you're a big boy
–evious (2:19 PM) :
I'm on my last half year of school, I work for a company now to end my school carreer (stage) and when I finished that I got MBO Technische Informatika which means I'm able to control a win2000 network so an Administrator but I'm not sure if I will do that as work.
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:21 PM) :
what do you attrack the most to online gaming ?
–evious (2:21 PM) :
To be the best, that's my only goal....
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:22 PM) :
If there were some special people in ur Online gaming.. who where they, and why ?
–evious (2:24 PM) :
CrazyJoker, he made me good in 422 and got me into some great squads and that's how I got better.
Also John Mullins who I also met in 422 but he had lots of problems at home and he left his family and moved to France I've spoken with him one more time after that but that's already more then a year ago.
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:26 PM) :
what do you like to do, beside, online gaming ? you got hobby's ore ?
–evious (2:28 PM) :
I've played tennis like 11 years but my trainer put me into a sucky team for winter training so I decided to quit it all, now I play tennis once in a while for fun.
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:28 PM) :
and offcourse you like cars
–evious (2:28 PM) :
Yes, the more bhp's the better
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:29 PM) :
bhp;s ? man, i know the same about Cars as i know about computers
–evious (2:29 PM) :
horse powers!!
–evious (2:29 PM) :
Mr. Punto
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:29 PM) :
Brutal Horse Powers
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:30 PM) :
Yeah a blue corssiatje
–evious (2:30 PM) :
no comment
–evious (2:30 PM) :

FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:30 PM) :
HAHHAA... howmany horse power does urs have
–evious (2:31 PM) :
Should have 192, that's like 5 times more then your "car"
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:31 PM) :
naahh i got about. pff 2 bdp
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:31 PM) :
yeah 2 bdp, i checked it yesterday
–evious (2:31 PM) :
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:32 PM) :
but it depends on which bdp you pick
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:32 PM) :
the sint berndars, are way stronger than the jack russels, of my neigbours
–evious (2:32 PM) :
Nah that's bs
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:33 PM) :
Why ?
–evious (2:33 PM) :
Ever seen a Sint Bernad catch a Jack Russel ?
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:33 PM) :
*ugh* don't wanna know ore see :-)
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:33 PM) :
that's animal porn...
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:33 PM) :
I thought only Coy would see that... I never expected that from you
–evious (2:34 PM) :
They are to lazy to even walk to that doggy
–evious (2:34 PM) :
It's a virus he bought with him on L=L
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:34 PM) :
Sint bernards,.. are the savers in the snow.. with that .. thing below neck
–evious (2:34 PM) :
So more people could be infected but I don't wanne say any names
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:35 PM) :
hahaha.. about L=L, about 1/2 year ago some of *DEA members went to L=L, for BHD...
–evious (2:35 PM) :
Yes the l33t *DEA BHD which is gone now
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:35 PM) :
People as: McCoy, Striper, Goldmam, Mizty, Calle, Devious and Fierce were there
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:36 PM) :
did you enjoyed there. on the lan ?
–evious (2:37 PM) :
Yep it was nice but wanted to take part of more with that *DEA team
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:37 PM) :
it's to bad, that BHD, died so fast... in *DEA.. indeed
–evious (2:38 PM) :
Yes well we know who to thank for it don't we
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:38 PM) :
Np, ur welcome
–evious (2:38 PM) :
Again don't wanne mention names
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:38 PM) :
indeed. not necessary.. and not needed.
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:38 PM) :
lets us do some quick questions
–evious (2:38 PM) :
Yea, Coy, Striper, Calle would be pissed
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:39 PM) :
Rofl *CUT*

–evious (2:39 PM) :
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:39 PM) :
Fastfood ore dinner

–evious (2:39 PM) :
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:39 PM) :
McDonalds ore burger king

–evious (2:40 PM) :
pff that's the same
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:40 PM) :
it isn't
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:40 PM) :
whic one you prefer
–evious (2:40 PM) :
none, doesnt matter
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:40 PM) :
if i gave you a travel ticket, where would you go to

–evious (2:41 PM) :
I gues Canada or something there
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:41 PM) :
why canada ?
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:41 PM) :
what attracks you so much to such a country
–evious (2:42 PM) :
The nature and the freedom, not so many people on a small surface
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:42 PM) :
got to agree on that...
if you can grant 3 whishes, which ones will you do?

–evious (2:43 PM) :
A new law that allows black lights below my car
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:44 PM) :
Hhaahaaa Ore a gay, night rider light
–evious (2:44 PM) :
lmao Michael Knight !!!
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:44 PM) :
hhhee.. I already noticed a big watch, when i saw you on the L=L
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:44 PM) :
Now i know what the purpose was
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:45 PM) :
for what they can wake you up in the morning
–evious (2:45 PM) :
It was just a Pulsar, I got it after my MAVO axams which were to easy
–evious (2:45 PM) :
Uhm, a nice game of DF :P
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:46 PM) :
–evious (2:45 PM) :
It was just a Pulsar, I got it after my MAVO axams which were to easy
Do NO ly, Devious.. i saw some red lights on it.. and some electronical voice
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:46 PM) :
Goldman and me were discussing it... !!!
–evious (2:46 PM) :
Shhhh only McCoy saw it, least he had the balls to come with me to carry some luggage
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:47 PM) :
*Euhmm* you carried McCoy's balls ?
–evious (2:47 PM) :
If that was what my sentence showed, YES
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:48 PM) :
So you carried, mccoy balls.. were they also bald ore ?
–evious (2:48 PM) :
I'll tell you if you remove the *CUT* you made before in this interview
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:49 PM) :
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:49 PM) :

FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:49 PM) :
So Mr Knight.. wat is the highest speed you have drove on ur horse machine
–evious (2:50 PM) :
210 km/h where 120 was allowed ;)
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:51 PM) :
now i'm imagine... how you were driving... were you lying on ur steer, with the mirrors, clapped in, just like on a motorcycle .

What is the maximum speed of that truck ? 210 ?
–evious (2:52 PM) :
Naw, 240 but I was drinking coffee
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:52 PM) :
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:52 PM) :
are you religious devious
–evious (2:53 PM) :
Nah, thats gay proof me god excists and I'll change my mind
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:53 PM) :
that's a clear anwer..
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:54 PM) :
what name u used before in the online world
–evious (2:54 PM) :
Neo and ]-[urricane
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:55 PM) :
now since a while, Devious... why deivous... I know the answer, but our little children would like to know it also
–evious (2:56 PM) :
Ok first of the D is the l33test char there is so I wanted a name starting with a D and started asking around who knew a good name, finally John Mullins or his brother can't remember came with Devious and since then I use it...
–evious (2:57 PM) :
And that's also why Sirolf is called Des-Nino now lol
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:57 PM) :
Yeah i know :-) ahhaa, he told us on the Lan
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:57 PM) :
Sirolf, (aka DN).. helped you picking a name
–evious (2:57 PM) :
If you say so :)
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:58 PM) :
Nahh.. i'm just a little kid.
–evious (2:58 PM) :
Can't disagree on this point
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:58 PM) :
atm, i've been runned out of questions... do you have.. anything to add ?
–evious (2:59 PM) :
Uhm no but I wish you gl with searching a BHD team :)
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:59 PM) :
Lol.. gonna *CUT* this
–evious (2:59 PM) :
omg you pos
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (2:59 PM) :
–evious (3:00 PM) :
why interview me if you cut half of the conversation
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (3:00 PM) :
hehe, that'us fault..
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (3:00 PM) :
–evious (3:01 PM) :
I don't walk away for facts
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (3:01 PM) :
Final we gonna close our conversation... We will speak towards eachother.. in the end of august revieuwing this intervieuw
–evious (3:01 PM) :
August ?
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (3:01 PM) :
DEA Party
–evious (3:02 PM) :
lmao like I'm gonne come, I dunno and wont know for sure untill 1 week before...
FžÍrÁť≤*DEA (3:02 PM) :
*puts back his pencil in his jaratel, en moved towards the lonely dark alley*
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