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STEP 1 : Guidelines - Candidate and Raider/Social in DEA *READ BEFORE APPLYING*

DEA (Raiding) guide Lines:

Social aspect:

As we are a raiding guild in the first place we dont have to be friends with eachother besides working together to achieve what we are striving for it does however help to have connections and friendships within the guild.
We strive to be good in every aspect of the guild.
It is up to the members to make friendships and to work on them.
We are playing this game together and together we shall enjoy it.

Use of the forum:

Members and espcially raiders are required to at least read and possible reply on threads on a daily basis.
Some times there will be an R&R thread wich means Read and Reply.
Raiders will be required to read and reply on these kind of threads.
This is one of the factor that makes raiders into great raiders.
Members are to behave in a proper manner on the forum, however a joke is always welcome but expect to get one back aswell.
Members can give imput and scandycandycandyestions on the forum.
All scandycandycandyestions will be taken seriusly .

Propper behavior:

DEA expects its members to behave in a propper manner.
To be friendly to all its members raiders or non raiders and try to help eachother as much as possible.
We will not tolarate any abuse to any of the members, if this is done in an excesive extend a kick from the guild is unavoidable.
Stealing from anyone in what ever way, hacking accounts or botting will result into a instant kick from the guild.

How to deal with conflichts:

DEA will always strive to be a friendly and warm envirement for everyone.
However conflictions are unavoidable.
When conflictions occur members are always to try and solve this by themselves, sometimes people say things they dont mean or say it in a way that doesnt come out good.
If the conflict cannot be solved by the members themselves they will need to contact and interact with one of the higher ranks.
They will try and guid the process of resolving the conflict.
If the conflict cannot be resolved other measurements will have to be met.

Requirements for raiding:

If members want to contribute and participate in raides some requirements have to be met.
First they will go through the recruitment procedure even if members are allready in the guild as a social rank.
If they pass the recruiting process they will need to have the following recruirements:

Have gear that is up to par
Have all gear enchanted and gemmed
Bring their own flasks and food to the raid
Bring possible potions for short time boosts
Knowledge of the encounters
Skill and awareness

How raids take place:

For planning the raids the in game calender will be used.
In the past we used a webbased planner however this gave conflicts and some did not always checked this, hence we decided to use the ingame calender.
Raiders and trialists are the once invited to the raid.
Once you accept to take place to the raid you are expected to be raid ready and commit to that planned raid.
If for some reason you are not able to participate to the raid after you have accepted you are needed to unsign at least 1 day prior to the raid day.
If an emergency takes place, or you will be late for the raid due to traffic or some other reason you are needed to report this to one of the higher ranks.
The raiders and trialists are required to be online at least 15 minutes prior to the raid time start.
Invites to the raid will take place 10 minutes before the raid and raiders / trialists are required to be at the raids location or inside the raid 5 minutes prior to start time.

Raiding days :

Thursdays / Sundays and Tuesdays.

Raiding Hours:

20:00 server time to 0:00 server time

Loot distribution:

Sinces loot distribution always seems to generate drama within a guild we will try to explain it in the best possible way.
In the past we used to have a DKP system, however this system was inaficient in a 10 man guild.
We have decided to go by the following rules:

Raider rank will always recieve the first priority over a trialist.
Main spec always priority over off spec

In a situation that more people require the same item and all meet the requirements as stated above they shall roll for that item, and the highest roll will win.

Crafting mats / recepies and BOE

During raids when items drop that cannot be used by anyone either main spec or offspec the item will be disenchatend and the mats will be put in the GB (guild bank).
These materials will support enchats for raiders in the future this does not include raider trialists.

Other crafting materials that for example drop from bosses will go to the guild bank to support the crafting of epic items for raiders.

Recepies that will drop during raids are ment for the raiders that can use them, they will be able to roll on these recepies to obtain them.

BOE items that will drop will always go to the guild bank.
These items will be sold on the auction house for repair costs purposes or supporting the guild and raiding.
Raiders however are able to buy these items with a fair price (depending on the market price).
Unless the item is needed for MS and you are present in the current raid, alts do not count
Guild members will always recieve a resonable price.
Be aware tho if you buy this item and we do realize that you will sell this item on the AH or to any other player for your own benefit you will be removed from the guild with no further questioning.

Use of the Guild Bank

The guildbank will provide raiders with flasks / pots / food only if available.
The guild will not farm for the purpose of supporting your raiding needs.

If however there are enough mats available the bank will provide the use of materials.
The same goes with gems and enchanting mats, glyps etc.

You do not have to donate anything however if you are willing to do this the guildbank tab Misc is available for people to donate to the guildbank.

Every tab is visible for everyone so for example if anyone wants gear that is BOE and dropped from raids or recepies they will have to contact the Vault Master.

Recepies will be free of charge for the members however you do require to have the required proffesion.

Gear however will come with a small price to support guildbank with gold for repairs etc.

Only raiders will be able to use those facilities so this does not include socials and raider trialists.
Alts of raiders will have this privilidge but only with the aprooval of upper hand and if this alt can assist with raiding.

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