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Applying as a Social Member for *DEA

Your Details!

Real name (optional): Michel
Age: 25
Location: Sweden

Main charcter info
Character name: Månkossan
Class: Druid
Armory Link :


The Questions!

Q : Why do you wanna join DEA? :
A : Because i miss the good ol\'times from Df2

Q : What would you like to do in DEA? :
A : Have fun!

Q : What are you able to contribute with to DEA? :
A : I\'ll always have their back!

Q : Do you know anyone in DEA? if yes, who? :
A : I used to know alot of DF2 people, Herkulez, Al Bundy, Tarzan, Fierce, Dirtbag etc etc etc.

Q : Do you have any past experience with DEA? Have you been in DEA before? :
A : I was a member of the DF2 squad, and we tried to create a CS and BF1942 squad.

Q : How active are you? How often do you play and for how long have you played WoW? :
A : I used to PVP in Vanilla, Raided alot in Wotlk and some FL in Cataclysm. Don\'t play like i used to but i still hand around.

Q : Which of our raid days are you able to attend?
Monday 19:30- 00:00 [MAYBE]
Tuesday 19:30- 00:00 [MAYBE]
Wednesday 19:30- 00:00 [MAYBE]
Thursday 19:30- 00:00 [MAYBE]
Sunday 19:30- 00:00 [MAYBE
A : [is said MAYBE]

Q : Any days you can set as fixed days from our Main raid days? :
[Thursday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday] :
A : [MAYBEday]

Q : What\'s your current guild and why do you wanna leave it? What guilds have you been in lately? :
A : No guild and nothing to leave.

Q : What\'s you raiding experience? :
A : Raided Heroic ICC and some FL thats all.

Q : How do you see your role in terms of raiding? (Core/Very active or Casual/Backup)
A : Casual/Backup


The Confirmation!

Q : Confirm you have read and understood the guidelines? , Link = HERE :
A : I will!
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